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Disability/Handicap Parking Space Full – EV parking space available


Welcome to my blog a place I share honestly how GOD in Jesus Christ precious name has helped me survive an almost fatal motor vehicle accident while riding as a passenger in a small vehicle, no air bags etc.  The three long surgically inserted screws were strategically placed in my pelvis in an effort to help me walk again, sadly the screws have left me with a permanent physical disability, a limp and chronic pain every day since April 13, 2010.   Making it most difficult for me to walk on cement and climb stairs.  See GOD created a miracle for me to read more about the accident.

When I go to the grocery store or any store I need to use the disabled parking spot right in front of the store as my back hurts, hips hurt and feet burn with neuropathy pain from walking too long.  Select EV Parking space perk or privelege? to read more.

Recently while attempting to find a disabled parking spot I noticed the Electric Motor Vehicle (EV) parking spot was empty and placed directly in front of the store.  The handicap/disability parking spots were all full.    After surviving a traumatic life threatening motor vehicle accident I have learned to adapt, I depend on getting a handicaped parking space in front of the store I need to go in.

new electric cars - 2013 smart electric drive

I will never ever ride in a small vehicle again as to this day I still shake when a semi truck or dump truck passes me traveling down the road.

What do you think?

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





37,000 Views In 2012 – Happy New Year!

Melody Kissing Rio

Thank you for reading my blog, thank you for caring about our most precious world and all the donkeys, horses and mules needing your attention. Thank you for sharing your blog, website, facebook, twitter, and youtube pages!  Most of all thank you for your continued support, relationship and friendship as so many of you have touched my heart.  Thank you for your prayers and kind words it is an honor to share the word of GOD, please remember to never give up as GOD will never give up!  


On a personal note:

I have been writing on my blog for three years now in between trying to get my life back one day at a time after surviving a life threatening car accident (semi-truck) while riding as a passenger.

Blogging is a wonderful way to stay connected to our most precious world and share free information to help people and animals.


With just a couple of clicks of your computer you have helped a donkey, horse or mule have a better life, ahh the power of the internet.  

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





Here’s an excerpt:

The Donkey Whisperer Farm Blog had 37,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 9 Film Festivals!!!!

Click here to see the complete report.

Happy Birthday Jesus By The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Merry Christmas,

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Christmas is all about the birth of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Happy Birthday Jesus is a beautiful song with Christmas lights synchronized by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.  You may want to share the link with your family and friends.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



World Championship Team Donkey Roping – Made CNN News

Here is the link World championship Team Donkey Roping, Texas June 23rd and June 24, 2012.

Copied and pasted from the link above!

The Van Horn Texas Chamber of Commerce is hosting an event that features donkey roping.Donkey roping is an extremely cruel ‘sport’ where the donkey is shocked with a cattle prod until he tries to run away, once he is running people on horseback run the donkey down, throwing a rope around it’s neck, and another one around its rear legs. Once roped the donkey is then stretched between two horses. Broken bones and death are all too common during these events. And that is the physical harm done, most donkeys take years to recover, if still alive, from the emotional trauma of abuse.
My own grandson has autism and the first time he saw a “roping” donkey said he knew how the donkey felt…..alone, hurt, sad. Luckily that donkey was rescued from a hellious life as a roping donkey and came to live at Morning Bray Farm not far from us where my grandson is now able to help make that donkey feel whole, loved and happy.This announcement as well as the poster of the upcoming event in Van Horn Texas have been posted round the internet.A Petition has been started and now has 5200 signatures. A retired Marine Colonel who brought Smoke the donkey back to the US from Iraq is in process of getting an injunction against the event.
Thousands of Donkey lovers have contacted the Chamber of Commerce
patriciagolden@vanhorntexas.org, the organizer Jason Owens (stock contractor)
Dos Gringos Productions
thedollarj@hotmail.com and the editor of the Van Horn newspaper Larry Simpson, editor at The Van Horn Advocate: lsimpson@vanhornadvocate.com.Cruelty to animals is cruelty not entertainment.
A signer said this on the petition:.At our rescue, we have donkeys who have been used for roping. The sadness that we see in their eyes is heartbreaking. Not only do they stretch them and drop them to the ground, frequently they strap a horn hat on their heads which is even more abusive. They are used over and over again, and the damage is irreversible. Ours suffer from bent legs, broken ear cartilage and distrusting personalities. There is absolutely no redeeming aspect of this horror show. Worse, this brutal behavior will be on display for children to see. They will hear adults cheer as animals are tormented and abused. How is this a good thing? I would much rather see Van Horn TX indulge the audience with its rich history.
This was part of a great mail run during the 1800’s which ran from San Antonio TX to San Diego CA. How about celebrating the long ears who developed the west? Take a look at Bishop Mule Days. This event brings in millions of dollars of revenue, and celebrates long ears without harming them. An event like this would be far more admirable, and seen in a much better light by the public.Another signer of the petition said:I have never heard of this till now and I am losing faith in the USA . How can you let this happen ?
To put these animals through this is so evil, how about instead of Donkeys have them ( humans) get shocked with the cattle prod then chased down and roped bones broken maybe even death ! They wouldn’t like it and neither does the donkeys. Stop this !!!!Please help stop this abuse.

Ten Commandments Award


My friend Bird Everyone Has A Story just gave me the Ten Commandments Award.  As a child of Jesus Christ and a Warrior for Jesus Christ (I even have the scars to prove it), I am going to add a few things.  

The Ten Commandments are from GOD, the great I AM, he is the alfa omega and the beginning and end in Jesus Christ precious name. I promise to do my best as I am not a preacher nor have I had any formal christian education.  Here is a free bible app for your smart phone or computer.  A video with a little humor of the ten commandments  enjoy!

Select Looking for a bible that explains the bible in great detail for the world we live in today.  When I think of the Ten Commandments I think of Moses and the bible.  I think if more people memorized and followed the Ten Commandments our world would be a more loving place to live.

Ten Commandments from the Bible

The Ten Commandments Exodus 20:3-17. :

1. You shall have no other gods before Me.

 2. You shall not make unto thee any graven image.

3. You shall not take the name of the Lord God in vain.

4. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.

5. Honor your father and your mother.

6. You shall not murder.

7. You shall not commit adultery.

8. You shall not steal.

9. You shall not bear false witness.

10. You shall not covet.

The rules for this award are that you must answer the following ten questions and nominate ten blogs that you think deserve the award.

1. Describe yourself in seven words.

Property of Jesus Christ, intelligent, teacher, passionate, extroverted, introverted, honest

2. What keeps you up at night?

Pain from the large Screws surgically inserted in my pelvis they are really long from hip bone to hip bone 3 of them

3. Whom would you like to be?

I would like to be pain-free

4. What are you wearing now?

Jeans and a tee-shirt

5. What scares you?

Riding in a vehicle as a passenger

6. What are the best and worst things about blogging?

The best thing about blogging is being able to make friends over the internet after the semi truck accident as I have become very isolated, I enjoy people and miss people who are positive and have a passion for life.  Blogging gives me the opportunity to travel into friends lives all over the world without leaving my home.  Sitting, standing and walking is very difficult for me.

The worst thing about blogging – Nothing, I absolutely love blogging

7. What was the last website you looked at?
http://www.donkeywhisperer.com – I love to see who is needing help with their Donkeys, horses and mules 

8. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I would be healthy and strong and have no large screws in my pelvis.  My back would no longer hurt, my feet would not be going numb pain free oh how I pray to be pain free one day.  

9. Slankets, yes or no?
Slankets are called Snuggies here, and I’m going to have to say no.   In the cold damp times of the year fall thru winter I am wearing lots of warm comfortable clothes and I use electric blankets, electric mattress pad and electric clothing. 

10. Tell us something about the person who nominated you.

Bird at  http://birdmartin.wordpress.com/ (Everyone has a story) writes about a variety of subjects, she is a brave person who shares her life with humor and honesty to help others find Jesus Christ.  She is a mature Christian woman, and is always ready to give an answer for our Lord. She is a survivor of a fallen world we all live in and a Warrior For Jesus Christ :-)  Thank you, Bird, for the Ten Commandment Award.

Bonus Question:  What is your testimony for Jesus Christ?

I gave my life to Jesus in my early forties after being diagnoised with a rare spinal cord tumor here is a link explaining that part of my testimony most recently my testimony for Jesus reads more like a love story as I could  have never ever survived the amount of pain and suffering the semi truck motor vehicle accident left me with if Jesus was not holding my right hand.

Nominations for Ten Commandments Award:

1. CBN – Call for free Prayer they have the best prayer warriors I call them and it’s free – @ CBN Prayer

2.  Joyce Meyer – @ Joyce Meyer 

3.  Joel Osteen –  @ Joel Osteen 

4. Max McClean – Audio bible * This is what I listened to when I was not strong enough to lift my bible from the eight broken ribs, collapsed lung and kidney grade v tear.  I was just to weake, listening to the bible being read in Pslams is very peaceful when trying to rest and sleep.  The mind needs positive information when it is suffering at it’s worst time.

5. Max Lucodo – Max Lucado 

6. Billy Graham – Billy Grahm

Bloggers I have nominated for this Award:

Regina – Imagesbyregnia.info





http://faithfulnibbles.wordpress.com/ – http://faithfulnibbles.wordpress.com/2012/06/29/the-ten-commandments-award/

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!




Attracting Wild Birds


This little birdie flew into my garden, look at his magnificent colors.

How can I attract wild birds in my garden?  Water, food, shelter and yes indeed specific flowering plants help bring the wild birds into the garden. Here is a site explaining everything you may wish to know about birds and flowers.

GOD bless your and your family two and four-legged!



Look Where Your’e Going


Today was a milestone for me as my physical therapist told me I am strong enough to graduate from physical therapy, I have been in Physical therapy for almost two years, this car accident has been one of the most challenging things I have ever had to do in my life.  Surviving a semi truck accident is indeed a miracle from GOD; walking and not living in a wheel chair is indeed a miracle from GOD, having the strength and courage to persevere day after day when the pain does not go away is a miracle from GOD.  GOD has placed a gift in my mind “Look Where You Are Going” and never ever give up.  The photo above is me and my horse Lily before the semi truck accident, I love this photo it is a great memory.

Now the hard work begins as I must continue to do all the exercises on my own.   No more physical therapist providing me with new exercises, I must be the physical therapist for my body now, I must push myself when I am tired to keep going to the gym, my core must stay strong or pain and suffering will return in insane amounts. 

When I lift weights to keep my core strong I wear my ariat horse riding gloves to remember what my goals are and “look where I am going” as each day is indeed a gift from GOD. I like to touch things and see things to keep motivated “look where I’m going”  just like the cross I wear around my neck to call out to Jesus.  

No doubt we must always remember where we are going in life in order to get where we want to go.   I found this excellent article Look Where you’re Going explaining how horse, donkey and mule people must look where they are going in order to mirror with their four-legged ride.  Enjoy!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



Training Donkeys, Mules and Horses To Ride In The Horse Trailer


Did you know donkeys prefer to ride loose in a horse trailer? Yes indeed donkeys prefer to ride loose in a horse trailer with the added bonus they are safe and much more comfortable I was really surprised to learn this after purchasing my donkeys as my horse is locked in the front for her safety. Why? She is not a donkey she is a horse smile. 

Donkeys freeze when scared so they are safer and more comfortable riding loose in the horse trailer and this helps them find a place to stand and hold their butt against the trailer to balance.  Most important consideration is to have a two door trailer in the back to unload them.  I highly suggest teaching your donkey to back out of the horse trailer in lieu of jumping out fast.  Here is a video of Rio backing out of the horse trailer what a good boy just took a few training sessions to teach him how to do this.   Keep one side of the door closed so to keep them calm and backing out slow.

In an emergency situation I wanted to ensure I could get all of them in the trailer fast and by myself. I highly suggest each of you do the same as you don’t want to be training trailer loading and unloading during an emergency. Donkeys freeze when scared!

Six Steps To Successful Trailer Loading of Your Donkey or Mule: 

1.  Ensure Your Donkey or Mule Trusts You – Taming is number (1)

2.  Always load the honor donkey, horse or mule first as Donkeys Are Visual Learners if you load the naughty one first your trailer loading experience will not go smoothly.

3. Plan ahead, practice trailer loading and letting the equine stand in the trailer and eat go no where. After you load them to eat lunch stand on the outside and talk to them let them know they are safe.

4.  Practice taking the donkeys, mules and horses for rides, just give them 40 minutes or so of time to adjust to the trailer, get  their legs and not have any more stress on them. DO NOT TAKE THEM ANYWHERE AND EXPECT THEM TO GET OUT AND IN until you are sure they understand trailer loading.  Just go for a drive a few times, practice getting in and out at home.

5.  Remember when driving to accelerate slowly and stop slowly as it is very difficult for the equine to keep their legs on the ground.  If you don’t understand have someone drive the trailer and get in the back ride down a bumpy road and see what it feels like for your equine I think you will have a new perspective.

6.  Gradually work up to trail walks, yes walking next to the youngster as they are too young to ride and then riding when of age.  I think it is safer for older equine to have the opportunity to observe what is expected a few times before riding.  We did lot’s of these before Lily and Rio were old enough to ride (preparation) is the key.

7.  Another important consideration in teaching trailer loading and unloading; is do not take them out of the trailer when the truck stops wait for about ten to fifteen minutes.  If you take them out immediately upon the truck stopping they will expect it and get impatient every time the truck stops.  Equine learn from consistent repetition so remember to always be a good leader and have a plan be consistent.  When the emergency comes and they all come in life have a plan and be prepared as preparation makes the process much easier on the human and the equine.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



Blowing In The Wind


When depression hits I work very hard to remember this is not the life GOD wants me to live.  Everything seems to be heightened my heart aches for the way things were before the car accident.  Sometimes I get angry and cry out to GOD as I just don’t understand why me.  I don’t understand why I  have to suffer with pain day in and day out, why I can’t go back to the way life was before the car accident.  Everything I do is more difficult now, grocery shopping, standing, bending, walking it’s just more work now with the large screws in my pelvis. 

GOD whisperers in my ear “Why Not You?”, I guess I thought I was the apple of GOD’s eye and he would not allow me to suffer this much.  Guess what I am the apple of GOD’s eye he not only shows up to help me he gives me the strength to encourage others.  GOD is amazing. The bible is clear that we are not to stay angry, we should be quick to forgive let GOD take care of our enemies. 

The bible is clear we will all suffer, we will all endure persecution for following Jesus but GOD will give us the supernatural strength to endure whatever is blowing in the wind. 

Psalm 3:3 says GOD is my shield, my glory, and the lifter of my  head! When life starts tossing us humans around we need to speak the word of GOD out-loud.  Remember Jesus is still on the throne and he is still in control.

I am the property of Jesus Christ, I am GOD’s witness that he and he alone is the king of all kings.  Jesus is my father in heaven and for this I am grateful. I am grateful that when I pray in Jesus Christ name GOD releases the angels to go to work on all my problems.  Bless (affectionately, gratefully praise) the Lord, you His angels, you mighty ones who do his commandments, hearkening to the voice of his word. PSALM 103:20

When pain and suffering comes the bible is the only answer to help me.  Pslam provides the words and strength I need to endure for each day and believe tomorrow will be better.  I highly suggest the teaching of Joyce Meyers as she explains everything and her pocket-book named The Secret Power of Speaking GOD’s Word is an excellent way to combat life and stop my mind from blowing in the wind.  Each chapter has the verses added per the emotional and mental trauma we all endure navigating life today, i.e. depression, stress, death,anxiety and worry.

Want a free bible for your smart phone or computer? Select free bible.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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