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We Must Never Forget GOD Created Our World


Happy Valentines Day!  Can you see the heart GOD placed on Rio’s face?  GOD is amazing!!!


I love to play with photography; love to savor each special moment GOD creates in this thing called life.  Life is truly precious and fragile each day is a gift and should never be taken for granted. 

The bible states as children of Jesus Christ we are to soar as high as the eagle and never ever settle in life.  Each day is another opportunity to be a human angel for a person or animal, treat others how we want to be treated and take care of our world.  

We must never forget; the world we live in is not a product of blind chance and probability; GOD created it! 

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Living On Donkey Time


Seems life is so darn busy and everyone is in such a hurry I find myself thinking “Just one moment please” while talking to people.  Here at the Donkey Whisperer Farm we have one Mammoth donkey, one mini donkey, one horse, three dogs and two cats.  Donkeys are on “Donkey Time”, they live in their moment and move at their speed and never ever get rushed.  I make a point to try to live like the donkeys as life is precious and fragile and there is no need to get all worked up in traffic, a slow waiter, resolving medical billing, or just coordinating the repair of one of our home appliances.  Whenever I start to feel anxious I stop and think to myself “I am on donkey time”, kinda like living in Hawaii life is slow and wonderful.

When I feel my neck get tight and my heart starting to race I stop and pray ask GOD to help me and think about Donkey Time as I want to stay on donkey time the rest of my life.  Getting upset, worrying, crying, just creates a headache for me and when my body is finished with this reaction nothing has changed.  When I stay in faith with GOD and trust GOD is working to fix all the things gone astray and not only fix them but bring us out in favor in a better place than where we started every wrinkle in my face is wiped away.  My horse is learning to be more calm but she is a horse and a horse with the same personality as me AAA, living with her big step brother the mammoth donkey keeps her calm.   Several times during the winter months we have seventy mile hour winds on our farm, trees snap, branches fly and our big Mammoth donkey lays down in the middle of the storm and eats the tree limbs like they are treats from heaven.  I am trying to use this scenario for me when life is difficult and things don’t seem to be going right this is the time I must sit down and pray and wait for GOD.

I pray my transparency helps you if you are in the middle of a storm.  Remember living on donkey time is easy simply lay down inside your mind while you are in the middle of the storm, pray for peace and wisdom and wait for GOD.  Pray for all things and wait as great things always come after the storm in life if we stay in faith with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Large On Donkey Time Sign


Small On Donkey Time sign

ONDONKEYTIMEHANINGBYPHONESeptember92013dogsgarden 132

If you are interested in purchasing one of these signs go to my draft new web page  for sizes and cost. Shipping is based on where you live, send an e-mail to and I will let you know the total cost of shipping anywhere in the world.  These signs will sell fast!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Thank You To All The Care Takers (Angels) In The World


Seems like some days, weeks, months and even years can feel like a severe cold winter hard to get moving hard to stay motivated just want a warm blanket. Equine (horse, donkey, mule), cats, dogs really help me out with these seasons.  When I go to their barn and feed them, clean up, care, rub, talk to them they are always grateful to see me I work very hard to stay in their neutral emotional place just enjoying every day the best I can.  My cats and dogs are always in the house with me and they play a very important role in my recovery.

I  feel the need to say Thank You to all the care takers in the world they are in a very difficult job and it is really hard to work and care for a sick person.  Without these angels GOD has placed in the world, life would be impossible for all the sick people and I know first hand how important it is to feel loved and have people take care of me and my farm when I was physically incapacitated after the semi truck hit me. 

Do you know a human angel caring for a sick or hurting person or animal? Please pause a moment and say a little prayer for this person and if you can give them a thank you note or a day off to go to the movies with a friend.  A simple thank you can refill their gas tank in life and recharge their battery with the end result making the world a better place. 

Are you a caretaker?  Please consider allocating time for yourself and love yourself as no human understands you like you do.  I understand how hard this is but just like we must be planning for retirement we should also be planning for a healthy happy life.  If we are constantly pouring our heart and soul out to someone who is incapable of sharing good things with us we start to burn out and our life becomes too much work and not enough fun.  I have learned that having fun is not an option it is a necessity as I feel better when I get to do fun things with people around me who love me and appreciate me.  Sometimes we just have to contract some work out and if we look at it this way “I’m creating jobs and helping feed a family” and I get some time off life is a little more easier.  Perhaps you have a financial difficulty at this time I know as we had a very hard time after the semi truck accident bills came that we had no plan for.  I bartered with my angel and massage therapist and it was a win-win situation perhaps this can help you or your loved one bartering works.


My progress:

I am happy to say that I am moving forward just completed Physical Therapy after going consistently for nine months very difficult, two times a week.  I go to acupuncture once a month for immune system and the doctor visits are quiet again, thank GOD.  Now the hard part comes for me to go on my own to the gym and just do it, no physical therapist pushing me harder to be the best I can be!  I have good days and bad days still but the bad days are getting fewer and the good days are getting longer and for this I am grateful to GOD. 

I just keep on pushing forward and believing that GOD can heal everything and take the pain, I am happy to report the pain is much better now, suffer towards the end of the day and at night but most mornings are good.  I am very grateful for all of my blessings and for each and every one of the people GOD has placed in my life to help me heal most importantly my husband Scott.  I am grateful to GOD for all the people who pray for a complete healing and remove the pain so I can get well to help others navigate life.   I make my husband Scott take off on his Harley and get away as much as possible he comes home very relaxed and recharged.  We have to find that one thing that recharges our batteries in life otherwise we just sit in neutral in life and time keeps on moving on.

Do you have some great ideas for caretakers?

Please leave a comment and I will post so everyone can benefit!

GOD bless you and your family two and four legs!


GOD bless you and your family two and four legs!

Life On The Farm photos

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How Can I Stay Positive When Everything Appears Negative?


SCOTT & RIO (Mammoth donkey age 4) 2011                                













First and most important pray to GOD in Jesus Christ name to program your mind to stay positive no matter what is happening around you and your family.  Second repent of all of your sins and ask GOD for forgiveness. Third ask GOD for protection, favor, blessings, health, wealth, and a positive mind.   Fourth please remember that your imagination is a gift from GOD think of it like this; a big white blank piece of paper!

What do you want to put on this big white piece of paper utilizing your imagination (gifts from GOD)?

1. Connecting to GOD in Jesus Christ name – be clear lot’s of other stuff out their saying GOD

2.  Family

3. Job of your dreams and passion – Not a job that drains your energy and does not allow you to use your gifts and talents

4. Hobbies that make you learn, grow, share and experience new things – Keep your brain in optimum performance by challenging your brain

5. Security

6. Balance as too much of anything is not healthy

7. Exercise your body, mind and soul

8. Diet choose to feed your body the best you can

9. Write down on a piece of paper what your short-term goals are and long-term goals and put it where you can see it every day

10.  Share everything you can with others with no strings attached

The bible is still the best book to read it never goes out of style, every time I pick it up GOD points me to the verse I need.  I suggest getting  Joyce Meyer bible or the NIV bible as each important verse is written so we can understand the meaning.  Remember GOD has no money problems and GOD can soften hearts of people who have money to help the children of Jesus Christ enjoy their current life, GOD loves to use people to help other people.  Nothing feels better than making someone’s dream come true and or a prayer to be answered such as food on the table, rent paid after loosing a job, new clothes arriving at just the right time, flowers, and the most important gift we can share as humans is our time.  Seems in the world we live in today very few people have enough time to volunteer and help with humans or animals.  Time is free and it is the most important gift any of us can give for another human or an animal needing help.  You do not have to go to church to have a relationship with Jesus Christ you can pray anywhere, anytime, anyplace and believe me GOD is waiting for you to pray try to have quiet when you pray as it is much easier to feel what GOD is prompting you to do or not to do depending on each individual situation.

Here are a few charities needing help all non-profit tax-deductible:

 I have learned whatsoever state I am currently in I should be grateful and try to learn the life lesson, I must admit for me this is very difficult as I am a person who works very  hard at everything I do and having to be stuck in neutral is not a comfortable place for me.  I have learned that fear keeps people stuck in a job they hate and fear stops people from trying new things.  Fear means ‘FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL” and we should not be afraid when we are children of GOD in Jesus Christ name.  GOD has created us to be strong, resilient and creative no matter what is happening around us we must persevere and like the punching bag that goes down and comes right back up this must be how we handle adversity in order to become succesful in life.  When hard times hit remember you are a child of GOD who placed every star in the sky and holds them their until he decides to let them fall, remember as a child of GOD you are created as an individual and no other human is just like you and no other human has the gifts and talents you have share your gifts with humans and animals and treat people as you want to be treated.

In the natural world not living under Jesus Christ and having the holy spirit inside of our bodies it is easy to think things are impossible but I feel compelled to share a few things that changed me forever things that GOD has done for me and my family.  I was in a horrible car accident in 1981 riding as a passenger when the driver lost control and hit a telephone poll head on in the passenger side, this impact left me paralyzed from t he neck down and killed my x husbands little sister.  GOD created a miracle for me and with hard work at physical therapy and prayer I was completely healed.  Around 2002 I was diagnosed with a tumor on my spinal cord and was already in the beginning stages of paralysis and with the prayers and faith GOD could create another miracle for me I was healed one hundred percent as the tumor was not cancer.  Most recently I was riding as a passenger in my GOD mothers little 1980 truck when she ran a stop sign and a semi truck carrying cow manure hit the passenger door where I was sitting.  All the doctors at Harborview Medical center, Seattle, Washington and nurses said “You are a miracle” GOD saved your life you should have died.   In fact I almost died a couple of times on he helicopter ride to Harborview.  Today I am so grateful that I can walk without a wheel chair, I can breathe without assistance as my lung collapsed and my pelvis was shattered in at least five separate bones.  I have three large screws holding my pelvis together woven in between my spinal cord and I am grateful to all the medical doctors and nurses that took care of me at Harborview and all the medical teams that are continuing to help me get my life back today. 

Every morning when I open my eyes before I roll on my side from my injuries to get out of bed I thank GOD for this day I am alive I am married to the best man my best friend Scott the man GOD created just for me.  I am grateful that GOD has given me the ability to walk and care for my Mammoth donkey, mini donkey and special horse along with my three dogs and two cats.  GOD is great and he will never put negative thoughts into our minds these thoughts are from satin as he wants us to give up have no hope and settle in life.  Try to remember that when negative thoughts come into your mind you must be proactive and ask Jesus to remove the negative thoughts and install positive, creative and innovative thoughts into your mind.  I believe that GOD will not help us until we submit and ask GOD for help so give it a try for just one week and be prepared to see GOD show up and show off! 

Every time my life seems to be in a place of no hope GOD gives me an idea or GOD sends an inspirational person into my life that helps me get recharged!  We are created to be lights for others stuck in the dark so please shine your light for another human and please don’t forget the animals that need support.  Spending our time helping others makes all of us feel better as sitting on a nest like a chicken hoarding our money and time is not a gratifying way to live; sharing money, time and information with no strings attached and helping those less fortunate than ourselves is exhilarating and gives us a purpose.

Remember today may be your day to get your break through from GOD!  Keep believing in GOD and trusting Jesus Christ will send the right answer to you and create miracles for you as GOD still wants only the best for his children.  Life is a journey and seasons come and go, soon very soon if you follow Jesus and believe in GOD your spring will come with summer stepping right up behind spring.  Our ability to visualize what we want our life to be is in our brain the most important organ GOD gave us other than our spinal cord.  Our brain can tell us we can do something or can tell us we can not – this is the key “We can control what goes in and out of our brain”, we can keep good data coming into our brains we do not have to live in fear or negative recycling of thoughts as GOD is in control not us.

Be grateful every day that you get to live in the United States of America and be proud of America!  Be very grateful you can walk, talk, bend, brush your teeth, go to your job, and if you are looking for a job ask GOD to give you the right job that utilizes all of your gifts and most importantly your passion in life.  Share your gifts and creative innovation ideas with others and continue paying everything good in your life forward to others.  Please continue to love your family two and four legs as it is not over until GOD says life is over.  Life is exactly whatever you put into it no more and no less you get what you think so start thinking big and then move forward it is impossible to make a difference or a major change if you are stuck in fear!  Try giving fear the cowboy boot!  Courage Is Being Scared To Death But Saddling Up Anyway – John Wayne 

Faith can only happen when we can believe that the situation we are in is temporary and GOD is in control and this experience will go away and be replaced with goodness, mercy, health, love, wealth, peace and the ability to pay it forward to help others.  Helping others feels really good and this is why I share my journey in life to help you!

May the GOD of peace, who through the blood of Jesus the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.  HEBREWS 13:20-21

GOD bless you and your family two and four legs!


Dreams Do Come True


Do you ever take a moment to reflect on your dreams and goals?  You know the dreams and goals that are hidden deep inside your mind the ones that you don’t talk about anymore as time has passed for such a long time and you are grown up and older now.  I have learned that all of these special dreams I believe (seeds planted by GOD) are inside of us because GOD loves us and has made each of us unique with a master plan of skills, opportunities and gifts.  GOD who created the heaven and earth and holds the stars in the sky wants us to achieve our deepest dreams and goals and he wants us to live our lives in peace and harmony helping one another.  We are created to dream, stretch our minds, body’s, and never give up!  Trust GOD and have faith that GOD will open doors that no man can shut. 

Never settle in life always keep persevering forward and try to stay balanced in our mind, body and spirit most importantly stay in the word of GOD.  We must let go like the song says “Jesus take the wheel” as it is much easier in life to sit in the passenger seat and let GOD lead us the direction he wants for each of us.  Please understand we can only sit for so long and then GOD gives us a nudge to move forward, step out, try something new and have courage and faith.  Sometimes things happen in our lives that we just do  not understand a job loss, death, divorce, a life threatening accident, one of our children has a serious illness or is addicted to a horrible drug, stuff we can not ever begin to understand.  These things happen in the world we live in today but GOD has promised he will  hold our right hand if we stay in faith with GOD and GOD will take the evil that has fallen on us and make good.  I can honestly say after the semi truck accident that I can see how GOD has taken evil and made good as I am a much bolder person and I feel honored to share my life and what Jesus Christ dying on the cross has done for me personally.  I am able to pray directly to GOD and I know GOD has answered my prayers and I am grateful for the prayers he did not answer looking back in my life so it swings both directions as GOD will do what is best for his children as we would for our own children. 

My husband and I watched a really good movie last night a “DREAMS DO COME TRUE” I highly suggest you watch it named the WORLDS FASTEST INDIAN.  What I really liked about this movie was the person in the movie never gave up, he never stopped believing in his dream even when he was old and his motorcycle was old and at the end of the movie he accomplished his dream.  When Dreams Do Come True you can bet the person worked very  hard to make it happen and GOD had a little something to do with it as we all need to help one another in this world!

GOD bless you and your family two and four legs!


What Gifts Do Natural Animal Trainers Have?


Did you ever think about this subject in detail before?  “Animals can not speak our language yet we see how they can learn our language and we can quickly see how they can not thus the dog whisperer for red zone dogs and humans trying to learn what to do for their beloved pet.”  For example a dog can learn to sit, stay, wait, down etc., but first the owner has to be taught how to teach the dog and be consistent, fair, honest each time, most of the behavior training is taught to the human first and then to the dog.  Now let’s look at the other side of the coin for this subject.  Animals have a strong sixth sense and their sense of people, places, danger is dead on accurate in most cases before we their human leader even start to notice a problem our dogs or equine has alerted us to a problem.   Animals have strong emotional intelligence (sixth sense) working for them and some people have this gift too, I believe the ones that do not have it can work on exercising this brain muscle.  Yes I said brain muscle as this is all connected to the most important organ we humans have our brains!  I believe our sixth sense that feeling something is not right is extremely important things we can work on to change our life and be more productive in the world helping ourselves and others.


My Mammoth donkey can hear someone walking in the woods at least one minute before I do as he has mammoth donkey ears built to help him hear from GOD as donkeys started out living in the desert and they needed to hear to stay alive from predators.  My dog Jewel is the pack leader of all dogs, not me and my husband as we stay in the leadership role with her.  She has the ability to read people and other dogs in just seconds as to good, bad or dangerous people.  I have learned that she is always right and I should listen to her as her emotional intelligence is strong and accurate.  Clear boundaries, consistent training, fair, respectful, having a plan, loving, clear leadership and safety is what animals want from their human owners as they want to stay in the neutral part of their brains just like we do.  Being honest and fair with animals speeds up the training process and it is my opinion these tools help us navigate life and can be used with our human interactions too.  Just think about this for a moment would it not be simply wonderful if every time we interacted with people around us; family, boss, co-workers, medical world, government employees, and businesses they were honest and consistent every time and provided us with clear and concise transparent communication?

Gifts Natural Animal Trainers Utilize For Success:

1.  Emotional Intelligence

2. Honesty

3. Consistency

4. Clear and concise boundaries

5. Love

6. Language

7. Leadership

8.  Transparency

9. Forgiveness

10.  Grateful attitude

11.  Perseverance and outstanding work ethics – We get out of life exactly what we put into it, no more and no less!

The power of transparency is obvious to most of us but sadly we hardly ever see it today and when we do see transparency the person behind honesty, transparency usually has upset a few folks.  Why is this?   Honesty must be one of the main ingredients of natural animal training and provides a bonus for each of us in successful human interaction.  Most people just don’t want to be totally honest as well this will offend some people.  Those people who understand the importance of looking in the mirror and being proud of the person looking back will follow their beliefs and GOD to navigate life.

GOD bless you and your family two and four legs!


Pacific Northwest Ice Blast 2010

The temperature was down in the teens this month unreal for the Pacific Northwest bringing over 60k power outages we were blessed no power loss.  We rescued my ninety year  old grandmother from her freezing home and enjoyed having her for a couple of days.  Lily fell on  the ice and got a cut but not bad we blanketed all of the equine until the weather came back into the forties again.  Here are some photos after the storm enjoy!  Lily has been suffering from the hives for almost three weeks now blanketing, warm clean water, orchard hay, platinum vitamins,  Chinese herbs from her natural DVM and lot’s of prayer.  We really have no idea why she gets these hives nothing changes except the weather nothing.  GOD always finds the right homes for animals and people, Lily got the right home for sure!


 Just as hope rings through laughter, it can also shine through tears. Maya Angelou

Before the semi truck ran into the passenger door of the little truck I was riding in last April my life was one hundred percent studying Parelli and training my donkeys and horse. I was able to build my arena last year and planned on learning how to drive all three of my equine. I was hardly ever in the house I enjoyed being with the donkey boys and Ms. Lily every day and would get excited every morning of the possibilities of the day. On the very special mornings I had a trail ride date with a friend I would pray and thank GOD for my horse, my time available to ride, clean my gear, pray to pull the large three-horse trailer and keep my horse safe. After every trail ride I would return to my life at peace, rested, sore, and tired and smiling as getting to this goal took thirty-four years of pressing forward in the business world. My experience in life is simple; “Never stop pushing forward towards our personal dreams and goals as we get in life exactly what we think and work towards, no more and no less.” Seems life can change so fast; “Like a fish put into a new fish bowl in minutes” it is really very difficult to lose a job, career, passion, hobby, our health or a loved one and continue moving forward in our life I know as I have lost all of these things. GOD always finds a way to put a smile back on my face and for this I am sincerely grateful. Moving past hard times takes faith and perseverance every day like ground-hog day repeated over and over again until finally things change again.

I know everything keeps changing nothing stays the same forever as life is a living art and we are GODS most favorite creation. I know GOD provides each of us with unique dreams and goals that we could never think up, as GOD created us to keep moving forward we truly are living art. Getting up in the morning and taking care of my farm is really difficult physically for me now but I am grateful to have this little farm and the special equine GOD entrusted to me and my husband. I continue working at physical therapy and building my core muscles and leg muscles to be able to ride my horse again in our arena in the future. “I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” Philippians 4:11 Now that I have moved inside my home I am reflecting and working hard on our two leg family (human) relationships as each person in our family needs to be loved and told how unique and wonderful they are.

Life is a serious game and it takes a positive attitude, prayer and forgiveness of our mistakes and our family and friends. We had a wonderful thanksgiving and we are grateful to have our family come home and be a family under one table to share the special gift of Thanksgiving. The year 2010 has been a very difficult one for me and my family two and four legs but we have endured, stood tall, never given up. We look forward to 2011 and a year of surprises and great rewards from Jesus Christ but most of all we are grateful. We are grateful I did not die, have permanent brain damage or paralysis as all of these things could have occurred. If you are reading this blog this means you are alive you are not dead and GOD created a way for you to read this blog! Remember your life is filled with trials, smiles, hugs, love and peace as this is what life is all about like the salmon working up the river to lay his new seeds of life each of us must continue to share the great things GOD has placed in each of us with one another.  Soon it will be Christmas and a dream of a Happy New Year, be grateful and stay positive.

GOD blesses you and your family two and four legs!


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