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Rio Our Mammoth Donkey Can Open The Barn Door


Donkeys are really smart, they are visual learners,  Rio has been able to open the barn door during feeding time since he was a baby Mammoth donkey. 

Donkey tip; Must have lots of great locks when owning the smart equine.  After three years my horse can do it too,  donkeys we love them. Enjoy! 


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



Donkeys Can Do Anything The Horse Can Do

Rio 9 months old at the breeders farm


Rio, Lily and Rocket Man are taking a break from training while I work full-time to recover from the semi truck accident.  Training for manners, picking up feet, out of the barn, over, back-up (as they are never authorized to walk over us) is taught each and every time we are with them.  Equine (horses, donkeys and mules) can learn verbal commands just like dogs and I highly suggest training these commands to your domesticated equine i.e., whoa, over, back-up, trot, canter and my favorite “down” for a roll in the arena. 

Take a look at Lucy a Mammoth donkey she is amazing.  What do you think of Savana her owner/trainer believes in love and kisses cute video. One more Apollo the mammoth donkey.

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Melody & Lily 2009

Training donkeys, horses  & Mules

*  No bit is required for training donkeys, mules and horses if all the ground work is completed along with verbal commands

*  Never work them too long no more than 45 minutes a few times a week

*  Stop training session with something the equine has mastered and end with a nice brush, take them for a walk with you for a bite of grass something the equine enjoys doing

*  Become humble and think about how you would want to be trained if you were an equine.  Would you want someone to take it slow and easy or be aggressive and in a hurry?  Would you want to learn how to carry your human partner with a metal bit hurting your mouth and trying to balance with the weight of a human? Are you up for the challenge to train your equine to ride bitless?  You can do it!  Training equine to ride bitless is better on the mouth when the rider does not have his/her seat as we should never be pulling and balancing on the mouth of our beloved equine.  Safety is always your number one goal and please remember working with equine (donkeys, horses and mules) can be dangerous.  Timing is important release the pressure at just the right moment and the equine learn more from this than the pressure.  Having emotional intelligence and empathy for your domesticated equine will help you become the best trainer and friend your donkey, horse or mule could ever dream of.

* Enjoy yourself and your special time with your donkey, horse or mule as you will never be in this same time again.  Life is precious and fragile enjoy every minute, hour and day GOD has given you.

It is imperative to your success that you provide the foundation of training for your equine.  Each of our equine has their feet picked out each and every day.  Each has been taught to stand for grooming, farrier, vet and each can trailer load without stress no big deal.  Try to remember when training you equine that each day is a building block to the next and take things slow and easy.  Donkeys are really smart if you have a small piece of carrot for training new things the donkey will be much more motivated to learn and stay in the class room.  Always end the training session with something the donkey has mastered so he leaves school feeling smart.  If you end the training session on a bad note your donkey will go back to the pen and think about how to get around you the next time you train.

Melody riding Lily trails with bitless bridle


Most importantly remember your horse, donkey or mule is a gift from GOD, life is fragile and precious we never know when our time is up or our beloved equine.  Take the time it takes to get to know your donkey, horse or mule more than just getting on and riding.  My opinion “Having an emotional connection is the difference between success and failure when training equine.”  So go enjoy your equine, have a plan and stay safe.


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Here Comes The Rain Again


Fall has officially arrived in the Pacific Northwest and with fall comes rain.  Excellent drainage is a must for equine living in the rain and please don’t forget the much-needed necessity shelter.  For heavy traffic areas we lay 3/4 clean gravel to prevent mud as mud causes serious health issues for equine.  Fighting thrush is a constant battle for our mammoth donkey Rio I just started using No Thursh  seems to be working the best. My horse and mini donkey have no problem with thrush and they all live in the same environment, interesting how each equine is unique. Picking up the poop at least once a day will help in more ways than one.  Smile. 

Are you wondering how to prevent mud? Here is an interesting site from WSU explaining how to prevent mud and keep your pastures growing.

GOD bless you and your family two and four legged!



Laughter Is The Best Medicine


Laughter is great medicine!  If you see something funny that’s clean and healthy please share if it’s really great I will add to the Donkey Whisperer Farm Blog.  Enjoy!

Cows Playing With Remote Control Car 

Tommie Turvey Playing With His Horse “Poker Joe” 

Web Cam 101 For Seniors

GOD bless you and your family two and four legged!



People and Animals Never Forget How We Make Them Feel


GOD is great, GOD is helping me to stay strong and never give up.  I am now attending physical therapy once again and adding water physical therapy in along with gym work.  The key for me is to try to not over do it.  This is very hard when I want to get well and be able to attend Parelli to become a horse, donkey and mule trainer.  The photo below was taken before the semi truck accident this photo puts a fire in my belly and reminds me that nothing, nothing is impossible with our GOD in Jesus Christ precious name.

If you are having a hard time in life I suggest giving GOD a try in Jesus Christ precious name as he loves all of his children.  We must never forget we live in a fallen world and GOD does not bring tears, sickness, pain and suffering to us.  Jesus Christ is the prince of peace he is my Lord and Savior and I am very grateful for this relationship as the amount of pain and suffering I have had is difficult for the mind to understand.

GOD will never leave us or forsake us never.  I share my life with you to give you hope, inspiration and to know that you can do anything you are determined enough to do.  Never settle, never ever as we were all created with special talents and gifts enjoy your life and you will never work.  Life is whatever we want it to be it is no more and no less.

I liked this blog so much I pressed it enjoy. Maya Angelou.



This is a beautiful maple tree on the Donkey Whisperer Farm, I hope you enjoy this tree as much as we do.

GOD is a faithful GOD we are given the strength to lean on GOD and hold tight to GOD but this takes diligence, prayer, reading the bible, being humble, listening to praise music, attending church, tithing, helping others. It seems GOD will use us to help others and the more we help others the more help will come our way.  GOD uses us to help others and this becomes more of a blessing for us than the person we helped, never forget that you and you alone have a special gift to help another living human or animal. 

Pain and trauma is not from GOD as we live in a fallen world we are not in heaven yet, I work at remembering that GOD can make life easier and GOD will restore everything stolen from our life. How do we know GOD is in control and still on the throne because we are children of GOD in Jesus Christ precious name.  GOD is a faithful GOD he restores everything in abundance stolen from us if we trust him.

Here is a beautiful video shared by Petra Christensen at Parelli showing regular people helping a whale this video made me cry as I love all the animals of the world that our father in heaven created with a special place for the whales as they are the most intriguing to me.  I have seen the whales in the Puget Sound while in a boat several times they are truly amazing.  

What if the people in the boat decided to not try to help the whale? What if they just rowed away?  Thank GOD they did the right thing and restored the whale to her life.  Amazing what people can do when they try.

Encouragement and comfort:

In the day of trouble he will  hide me in His shelter; in the secret place of His tent will he hide me; He will set me high upon a rock. Psalm 27:5

GOD will cover me with his wings; I will be safe in his care; his faithfulness will protect and defend me. I need not fear any dangers in the night or sudden attacks in the day.  Psalm 91:4-5

And this small temporary trouble I suffer will bring me tremendous eternal glory, much greater than the trouble.  For I fix my attention not on things that are seen but on things that are unseen.  What can be seen last only for a time, but what cannot be seen lasts forever.  Corinthians 4:17-18

I call out to GOD in Jesus Christ precious name, the GOD who holds me together.  He sends orders from Heaven and save me. GOD delivers generous love.  GOD delivers generous love, he makes good on his word.  Psalm 57:2-3

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



Living On Donkey Time


Seems life is so darn busy and everyone is in such a hurry I find myself thinking “Just one moment please” while talking to people.  Here at the Donkey Whisperer Farm we have one Mammoth donkey, one mini donkey, one horse, three dogs and two cats.  Donkeys are on “Donkey Time”, they live in their moment and move at their speed and never ever get rushed.  I make a point to try to live like the donkeys as life is precious and fragile and there is no need to get all worked up in traffic, a slow waiter, resolving medical billing, or just coordinating the repair of one of our home appliances.  Whenever I start to feel anxious I stop and think to myself “I am on donkey time”, kinda like living in Hawaii life is slow and wonderful.

When I feel my neck get tight and my heart starting to race I stop and pray ask GOD to help me and think about Donkey Time as I want to stay on donkey time the rest of my life.  Getting upset, worrying, crying, just creates a headache for me and when my body is finished with this reaction nothing has changed.  When I stay in faith with GOD and trust GOD is working to fix all the things gone astray and not only fix them but bring us out in favor in a better place than where we started every wrinkle in my face is wiped away.  My horse is learning to be more calm but she is a horse and a horse with the same personality as me AAA, living with her big step brother the mammoth donkey keeps her calm.   Several times during the winter months we have seventy mile hour winds on our farm, trees snap, branches fly and our big Mammoth donkey lays down in the middle of the storm and eats the tree limbs like they are treats from heaven.  I am trying to use this scenario for me when life is difficult and things don’t seem to be going right this is the time I must sit down and pray and wait for GOD.

I pray my transparency helps you if you are in the middle of a storm.  Remember living on donkey time is easy simply lay down inside your mind while you are in the middle of the storm, pray for peace and wisdom and wait for GOD.  Pray for all things and wait as great things always come after the storm in life if we stay in faith with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Large On Donkey Time Sign


Small On Donkey Time sign

ONDONKEYTIMEHANINGBYPHONESeptember92013dogsgarden 132

If you are interested in purchasing one of these signs go to my draft new web page http://donkeywhispererfarm.com/our-store/  for sizes and cost. Shipping is based on where you live, send an e-mail to Melody@DonkeyWhisperer.com and I will let you know the total cost of shipping anywhere in the world.  These signs will sell fast!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



How Can I Help My Horse, Donkey or, Mule Trailer Load


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First and most important make sure you have tamed your equine dictionary states the word tamed is; (of animals) not fearful of human contact.  All animals need to trust their human partner and know they are safe, I mean safe like we want to feel safe.

Do you remember the last time you were afraid of a person, dentist, surgery?

Our beloved equine are looking for the feeling of safety they felt when they were little with their moma.  After surviving a semi truck accident while riding as a passenger with serious life threatening injuries I understand what fear is and how hard it is to trust the nurses and doctors.  I believe it is vital that the human partner has empathy for their equine and continuously looks for ways to keep the equine safe and comfortable.  Try looking in your own life and think how you would want to be treated if you were the equine.  So many people today are in a hurry, work, family kids, shopping and I just want to go ride my equine or take them to an event or medical appointment.  I promise if you take your time to tame your equine first learn the Parelli seven games, timing, pressure release all of your equine will walk right into their horse trailer.

This is the state equine can go into with different reactions;  donkeys stand and don’t move when scared usually, but some can fight and move.  My left brain extrovert horse when terrified will do everything she can to avoid death, try to look at the psychology of your equine first.  Consider having empathy, taking the time it takes to help your equine learn that the horse trailer is safe and most important prove to your equine that you will always keep them safe never ever abuse them or authorize anyone to abuse them as the equine never forgets abuse. Parelli utilizes the carrot stick in training creating an extension of the human arm, a long tale and a way to stay safe but not abuse.  Some people think love the equine and all will be well these people can end up dead as a thousand pound equine is no match physically for a human.  Working with equine is dangerous always have a plan before stepping into the same space with the equine.

If you don’t think the horse trailer is safe in the back of your mind, body and soul you will convey this feeling to your horse! If you think your horse trailer is safe the equine will feel safe as they have the ability to sense every feeling their human partner has.  Expectancy, visualization, believing and seeing the positive end result of whatever we want to do starts with our mind, trust GOD in all things and life is easier.

Staying safe with a thousand pound equine is the most important training lesson for you and your beloved horse, donkey or mule, accidents happen usually due to poor leadership as ignorance is not bliss, clearly  poor planning.  Horses who think they are going to die will do everything they can to avoid death such as jumping up, hitting their head in fear, spinning in the horse trailer to get out and more.  Please take the time it takes to tame your equine and then create a plan where your beloved equine is wanting to get into the safest horse trailer you can afford to purchase utilizing resistance free training.

Every time we are with our equine we are teaching them something and feeding time is a really great opportunity to train on respect such as; OUT (of the barn), taking the grain or treat with manners, always having two eyes pointed at us.  Safety is number one in working with equine. 

Why is it important to feed our equine ourselves?  

Trust, leadership, responsibility, and building a solid relationship as we must be the person who does the great stuff for the equine not just the riding and training.  If all you do with your equine is ride pretty soon they will not be wanting to come to you and be your partner and most likely when you fall off they will not come back to you as prisoners are always looking for a way to escape.  I highly suggest you take advantage of Parelli, get the rope halter, lead line and carrot stick and learn the seven games. I highly suggest looking into the free 30 days of training being offered from Parelli to become a partner with your equine.

Equine (horse, donkey or mule) are prey animals they look at the horse trailer and the human as predators and the trailer is going to trap them and possibly kill them.  It is your job to help them learn the trailer is safe and comfortable before taking them for a trip in the horse trailer spend at least a week feeding lunch and letting them out of their trailer. 

Thirty four years is a long time to have a dream and I should have bought an eighteen year old gelding but I was determined to have my own horse trained by me and so my journey in Parelli began as I needed tools to manage this young horse.  Next we purchased our Mammoth donkey Left brain introvert afraid of everything and more WHOA than GO, now I was in a real pickle and having no experience with donkeys other than a ride down the grand canyon at nine years old I needed help yesterday.  Donkeys push away from pressure so they are a challenge to train and when they are done they lay down.  The best thing a human can do for their donkey is less training and never push them to the point they lay down, always go back to something they enjoy doing and have mastered when ending short training sessions of no more than 15 minutes.

The right way to trailer load our equine (horse, donkey, mule) is taking the time it takes for the equine to enjoy getting into the trailer and have no plan on going anywhere as every time we are in a hurry the equine picks up on this energy and they cannot tell if it is danger or what just high energy and the equine gets nervous.    Next I send them into the trailer with hay in it no pressure just eat lunch!  This is where they would eat their lunch a few days  a week and then in the evening my  husband Scott and I would take them for a ride in their trailer and have nowhere to go just a ride to get use to the noise of other cars, footing to stand in the trailer around  forty minutes each time.  I use the Parelli yo-yo game with just my finger to back them out of the trailer and this is much safer than bursting out of the trailer in a hurry.

If you are having a problem with trailer loading remember it has nothing to do with the trailer and everything to do with preparation, leadership and trust.  As the equine leader and owner it is our job to be the best leader we can to provide the equine with preparation and relaxation techniques.  Remember to treat the equine with respect and dignity the way we would want to be treated if we were placed in a situation we were afraid of the little things make the biggest difference in everything we do.  Sadly most people do not have the time it takes to lead and train the equine to trailer load they wait until the day it is time to take them somewhere and this is a big mistake.

Thank GOD I had trained all of my equine utilizing the Parelli training techniques before this almost fatal motor vehicle accident in spring of 2010.  All of my equine enjoy having their lunch in their trailer give it a try.  Please remember that every time you are working with equine you are in a dangerous situation but with tools as Parelli states “savvy” you have a better chance of not getting hurt. Safety should be your number one concern for you and your equine.

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Parelli!!!!

GOD bless you and your family two and four legs!




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