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Ruby Beach, Ocean and Lake Crescent, March, 1st, 2015

Ruby Beach, Ocean and Lake Crescent, March, 1st, 2015


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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson













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Mark 5:27 (I’ve Seen. I Know. I Care.)

Mark 5:27 (I’ve Seen. I Know. I Care.)

Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC:

I pray this post helps you in your time of need. GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Originally posted on The River Walk:

Ive seen I Know I care

She had heard about Jesus, so she came up behind him through the crowd and touched his robe. (Mark 5:27)

Read: Leviticus 11:1-12:8, Mark 5:21-43, Psalm 38:1-22, Proverbs 10:8-9

Relate: The single mother is becoming more and more a cultural norm here in America and the West. It presents unique challenges simply because throughout most of history it simply could not exist. In Israel during Jesus time and before, very few women would be able to live on their own, let alone do so while raising kids. A girl lived with her father until she was old enough to marry. Then she lived with her husband. If he died she would either remarry quickly, go back to living with her father, or if her children were old enough she could live with them. This last case was most likely the one Mary and Jesus were in. Although the Bible doesn’t…

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Warm In The Pacific Northwest, Feb 2015

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

GOD has been smiling on us, giving us favor as we took a leap of faith packed our life away, left our large home and moved into our 5th wheel in Sequim, WA 2014. The winter of 2015 has been breaking records for warmth, we are now reaching 60 degrees most days and all of the hay is starting to grow again, soon it will be time to cut hay again. Seems while most of the east coast is suffering from record snow levels and freezing temperatures we are enjoying spring weather. Here are a few of the photos I have taken since moving to Sequim, WA our last stop here on earth.

Marriage is never easy, it takes two people who work hard to help one another achieve their dreams and goals for this I am grateful to GOD and my hubby Scott of twenty-two years. We enjoy our 5th wheel as it is a free life, less time to clean and more time to play. If we did not have a strong marriage and GOD to guide us give us faith this would be a journey that would be most difficult, with GOD in Jesus Christ name nothing is impossible. We have learned that you really do not need much to enjoy life, stuff is just stuff! You need a loved one your health, shelter and time to dance in your mind. I say in your mind as the screws in my pelvis do not authorize me to dance anymore, I am truly screwed down, locked down tight in my pelvis, cant twist, bend and still I suffer from pain and numbness in my feet almost five years later.

Living in the 5th wheel has provided us with freedom. We find more time to enjoy one another, the farm, the Olympic Mountains, ocean, rivers and of course all of our animals. Most importantly the flat land is a rehabilitation spot for me as I walk everywhere on the farm as it is flat. Animals are GOD’s angels sent to heal our souls so never abuse your pet, and always be grateful each and every day. As tomorrow what you had today could be gone forever. Life is fragile and precious, if you have your health you are rich beyond measure. I miss my health each and every day and continue to pray the pain will go away. Five years on April 13, 2015 since the semi-truck accident.

All of our eight equine are so relaxed and happy, this makes me and hubby beyond happy. We have two horses (mares), two standard rescue donkeys no paperwork, one Mammoth donkey Rio Johnson, and three minis.

I am happy to report I can now ride easier, train again and enjoy walking again as our property is mostly flat. Less rain makes it easier for me to move and the more I move the better I feel. If you have recently suffered from trauma I just want to say to you to trust Jesus Christ and never give up. No matter how bad the pain, never give up. My marriage has never been stronger and I am grateful to Jesus Christ for my husband of twenty-two years Scott. Scott is not only my better half he is my best friend. If we can only have one best friend in our entire life this is indeed a blessing but to get to marry our best friend this is a gift from Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for my life and husband. Trying to survive this thing called life without JESUS CHRIST and my husband would be indeed very difficult. Living with a life long disability is not easy and yet here I am working on my second year of running my new business a world-wide educational equine business for all donkey, horse and mule owners. GOD is amazing, never give up!



IMG_20150201_114829 IMG_20150201_115001 equineouteatingfor1hourjanfeb82015royboy2014decnewtofarmage4 Rocketmamcloseupcarrotsage2020134 Maresrunningnice2014     calendarminis MARESMTS2014NCE IMG_2641 5thwheel2014fog Rocketmanage202024dec BARNMTSgallerywebsiteIMG_2660kingstonbeachIRRIGATIONRUNNINGSPRING2014APRILhohtreeeloboeoboecropped-melodyrioriding2014sequimage81.jpghohlakgoldOBOLILY2014SEQUIMhohrainforestlake1IMG_4056hohpathhikeoboehohriverrondpenfogMaximus age 2 in trainingTrophy2014age61333Rocketman2014junesequimage20WEATHERSTATION WEB PAGEourviewfromthefarm2014decMountainsfogdungenessriverdec2014Tuba and OBOE rescue donkeysdungenessriverrrrroyboy2014decnewtofarmage4 Rocketmamcloseupcarrotsage2020134 Maresrunningnice2014 olympicmountanishome2014 Mountainsfog oboesears2014calanedarFLOWERSSEQUIMFARM2014MAYoboetubanoseshohlakebeatudungenessriverrrr132011SUNSETIMG_4084


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson


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GOD Plants A Dream

GOD Plants A Dream

God planted a dream in my mind in 2010 after the semi truck accident select GOD Created A Miracle For Me, now we are in the present and I am living the dream one step at a time. We are living in our 5th wheel while we wait for the right owner to come along and purchase our mini equestrian farm in Kingston, WA on five acres.  After our farm sells in Kingston, WA hubby and I will  build our final home and I will start having worldwide classes on the Donkey Whisperer Farm. 

Every day I look out our window into GOD’s world, GOD’s window of life. I am so grateful for this land that GOD brought to us and I jump for joy each and every day to share with you to never give up on a dream GOD plants. This is real it really happened and it can happen to you if you trust Jesus. I see mountains, donkeys, horses and more.   Dreams do come true but they take hard work and faith that GOD has a plan and his plan may or may not be fast. GOD knows what is best for his children as he created each one of us, he planted the dream in us, our choice is to have faith and step out or stay safe and never try. I choose to die with my boots on. How about you?








hay cut


Melodyplayinginthetallhayjune2014 IMG_2927 IMG_2662





GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Learn To Enjoy Waiting

Learn To Enjoy Waiting

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

To those of you who have been following my blog for five years I want to say wow thank you! If you are new to my blog enjoy, you can go back five years by selecting the search engine and the calendar.  My life has never ever been boring but this I can tell you it has been my life.

After the semi-truck accident we had to wait for GOD to heal me restore my health so I could enjoy my life again this took over three years as I attended physical therapy two and three times a week. I never gave up!  When I was forced to go to the gym three days a week and lift weights I chose to wear my Arriat horse riding gloves as I wanted to have my dreams and goals right in front of me.

Today I am fifty-four years old and I can tell you I spend most of my time waiting. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday comes, Sat oh boy and then Sunday day of rest. Monday, repeat, and repeat again. Save money, plan a vacation and get sick or have problems really? I find myself going really? Why? GOD gave me my best friend and my husband of twenty-two years. I am most grateful for this man in my life as he is dependable and he is patient even when I cry and throw a temper tantrum, yes I must say us extroverts are not easy to live with. My husband has taught me to be patient, trust GOD and enjoy the ride, enjoy our time together as one day this will all be gone.  I am still working on this lesson, I by all means have more work to do but I am trying to be more patient when my dreams and goals are placed on hold.  I have learned to stop acting like a child when things do not go smoothly and well most of life is this way. I have learned to enjoy every moment good and bad. This is why it is wonderful to be alive! Every day is a day to get a white piece of paper out and draw my dreams and goals. When I meet people who say I have done all there is to in life I weep inside. How can anyone do everything there is to do in life? Never give up!


If you are in a time of trauma, health, death, sickness, or worse I want to share how to smile during the thunderstorm in life.

Most people are visual and they need visual aids to keep them focused on their goals. Ok, a few do not need this but most do so whatever you are waiting on you need a few rules to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

1. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and I give 100% of my health restoration still physically disabled, still have pain every day but oh my so much better. Jesus is the beginning and the end, the alfa and the omega of this thing called life. Without Jesus Christ I would never have survived the semi-truck accident, Jesus kept my marriage and gave me my dream of owning my business Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC.  Jesus brought this land to our feet that we now call home in Sequim, WA as our farm never went on real-estate market. Favor and abundance for GOD’s children is easy as GOD commands the angels to go to work when his children are faithful and in need. You may say to me GOD is not Santa Clause and my response is absolutely YES you are correct. God determines on the day we are born how long we will live, when we will die and how we will die. GOD determines how long we will wait and sometimes GOD does not give us what we pray for at all. I call these times blessings!

2. Pray every day for GOD to help you smile again, find something wonderful in your life to thank GOD for. Money problems suck and I was born poor and I understand how hard this is for sure but these hard lessons have built me to be the financial expert I am today. Give some, save some, and learn that this thing called money is a gift from GOD as he gave us the ability to do the job we are doing, all of the things we own and have one day will go to dust or to another person to care for. Feeling depressed and stuck, a good nights sleep is essential to health, prayer and meditation the bible will unlock the negativity stuck in your brain. The brain is truly the battlefield trust GOD to restore your life and give you a smile and peace in the middle of the storm.

3. When negativity comes in your mind learn to change your thoughts. You can do something to change your thoughts, a warm bath, shower, take a walk, watch a funny movie or look at beautiful photos of Donkeys, Horses, Mules or whatever it is that makes you smile. Remember you control what you put into your mind 100%. Don’t watch t.v. shows that make you sad, watch shows that inspire and help you to laugh. Laughter creates endorphins and endorphins help us heal our mind, body and soul.

4. Remove all negative people from your life and do not let them back in. Now for family this is most difficult but you can choose the amount of time you spend with them and you can set boundaries explaining you will not tolerate verbal abuse and Never let anyone physically abuse you. You have the divine right to live a safe, happy and healthy life with no physical or emotional abuse.

5. Get a white piece of paper and start writing down your dreams and goals. Put this in your wallet and look at it every day!


6. When you start to get frustrated as too many years have passed and your dreams and goals are not happening look in the mirror. Who is in charge of your life? GOD made each one of us to have one gift that is to help others. One gift that is to change the world and when you find this gift you will never call work again. When we are pursing our GOD given gift and passion it is a joy to get to share our talents with others. Hint; if you hate your job you are not doing your gift and talents GOD placed in your soul I know as for years I was an Information Technology person. I was a single mother and I needed to eat, one day GOD changed all of this and the change was not easy but it has made me the person I was born to be.

7. If you suffer from depression get help. Nothing to be embarrassed about being depressed especially if you have encountered trauma and you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Today is not the day of buck up and get over it. Today we have really good counselors and doctors to help us cope with death, trauma and loss of the life we once knew or worse abuse we have survived as a child or as an adult. Abuse happens more today than ever before as people are so stressed, cost of living, fear for world events, family stresses, no time to decompress and re-wind our batteries. Nothing to be embarrassed of if you are suffering from abuse it is not your fault. What is important to remember is you can change this, you can pray to Jesus and he will help you find peace and harmony and use your gifts and talents he placed in you in your mother’s womb.

8. Help others even if you feel no one helps you. Why does this work? The bible tells us to get our minds off our self and help others it is how GOD created us, we must pay it forward. I am very grateful for all the people in my life who helped me as at the right time GOD brings people in and then he burns them away when they will hinder our growth to do his plan for his glory in life.

9. Stop complaining, stop being angry what is done is done. No one can become successful on the first try it is very rare and most of the time impossible. Most of the best things created were created by making a mistake.

10. Do not mourn for yesterday as today is what is the most important part of your life. I teach all of the time to my students world-wide how to train their horses, donkeys and mules. Number one rule is live in the moment, put away your job, cell phone, husband, kids, parents and be one with your equine. The minute you are not plugged in I call it, connected to your equine 100% they disconnect from you and do their own thing.  I have learned it is the same in waiting for GOD to give me my answer to prayer and believe me I have many that I do not share with the world, too private and too painful to share. When I stop living in the moment and being grateful for living on our new farm in our 5th wheel and pushing hard to get my final home-built to be more comfortable I think I grieve GOD. He no doubt thinks how spoiled are you for not appreciating what I have given you now I will make you wait longer. I now know that I am not being punished when my prayers are not answered I am being protected. GOD will not let his children handle more than they can handle. I know this statement is hard to understand when some of us are dealing with death, cancer, trauma, permanent disability but GOD places human angels to surround his children and help them. GOD is always available and he loves all of his children even the children who do not love him.

11. When GOD gives you the answer to your prayer tell the entire world about how GOD created your miracle. Why would GOD give you things if you are embarrassed to say you believe in GOD. The bible is clear if we are ashamed to say we are a Christian GOD will not give us favor. I need all the favor GOD can send my way as I am not smart enough to manage this thing called life without GOD. I even pray for GOD to help me zip up my coat when it is stuck. Since I am an extrovert and a AAA personality I fight every day to live in the moment and not run ahead of GOD. GOD created me and I ask for forgiveness when I get frustrated and guess what GOD forgives me and Never Ever rubs in my face my mistakes. This is something us humans have a problem with myself included.

12. Forgive quickly and do not keep a record of who has hurt you and how they hurt you. Pray for your enemies, pray GOD helps them as hurting people hurt people. Kind people are people who actually have depth perception and truly understand why it is important to forgive and live in peace and harmony. Living your life with a bitter heart, mind and soul will cause you to get physically sick and it will literally destroy your life. You will die a bitter lonely person.

13. Never give up ever!!! Never settle, we were created to be warriors for JESUS CHRIST! God has given us all the tools we need to survive this thing called life and it is by no accident where you were born or where you live. Someone needs your light. If you do not know what this means I will explain. Life leaves all of us with external scars, wrinkles and scars inside our bodies. GOD heals us and we shine bright for others suffering. We shine and we share that GOD is real and in return our light shines and helps others find their light and shine and GOD pays it forward. With the internet we can help so many more people than ever before.

14. Let the little things go! Pick your battles if something is serious address it and fix it but then let it go. I always pray before I begin any serious conflict with an individual or business. If something is personal and it bothers me I take into account what it will do to my health to make a point. If it is really important I ask GOD in Jesus Christ name for wisdom and how to proceed. If it is just a little thing that has annoyed me I let it go. It is not my job to correct the entire world.  My job is to share the love and joy and miracle of Jesus Christ this is why I am still alive.

15. Christmas is almost here, so many people look so stressed everywhere I go. Why? Christmas is to be a time of celebration of Jesus Christ not going into debt. If you can’t afford presents just say I would love to clean your house for a Christmas present, wash your car, mow your lawn anything but I am financially not able to buy anything my goal is to become debt free. If you can afford to buy presents than by all means be a blessing, I love sharing and giving thought minded presents. Never stop tithing as your money is given to you by GOD/Jesus Christ. Even if you can only afford $1.00 give it to prove to GOD that you believe in his financial world as what you give proves to GOD that you trust him to replenish your finances.

large on donkey time art

Breathe a deep breath every morning and tell GOD how grateful you are to still be alive! Tell GOD how grateful you are that behind the scene he is working to restore double for your troubles and tell GOD whatever you are praying for is done. Faith = seeing something done. If we cant see it GOD will not release his angles to go to work for us. We have to trust GOD to finish what he started and believe me GOD always finishes what he starts.


Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Five Years Of Blogging Today

Five Years Of Blogging Today

Happy Anniversary!

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Living In The Pacific Northwest, Western Washington GOD’s Country

Living In The Pacific Northwest, Western Washington GOD’s Country



sequim10192013 043Roy4ourviewhomesweetsweethmeIMG_2648budmamnwalkingtallgrasssequimfarm2014may


Magnolia tree double bloom year

John wayne marina3 mini

The Johnson Homestead Under Siege during the Carlton Complex Wildfire


Trophy2014age61333ferry kingston wafalls5dogsindaisys2014MAY25_edited-1dungenesssriverirrigationfarmseq2014march

Our view Sequim, WA farm

Our view Sequim, WA farm



Golden finch in our garden

Golden finch in our garden



View from the lodge

View from the lodge







GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!




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