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This Horse Is Amazing!

I train you the owner to train your donkey, mule and horse. I have rehabilitated horses, donkeys and mules who have been seriously abused by humans. Abuse creates anger, anger creates a dangerous equine. This horse has been trained the right way as he/she is free to do whatever he/she chooses. Love this stuff!


If you have a problem donkey, horse or mule, give me a try! I am the real deal read my testimonials I train you from the comfort of your home.



GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC



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Need Help Training Your Donkey or Mule?

I am a worldwide coach, consultant and trainer of you the owner of the donkey or mule. I train you from your computer to my computer anywhere in the world. Select our store to pay for 1, 5 or 10 lessons. KEYBANK Virtual merchant manages all credit cards worldwide.

Please note spaces are limited so hurry and get your space today. I just graduated three more students, I only work with a select number of people due to my schedule, the farm and my personal life.

I look forward to helping you teach your donkey or mule to:

1. Come to you when called, stand and still while you put the halter on (never leave a halter on any equine without you in attendance as death can occur.)

2. Teach the donkey to pick up the hoof and stand calmly for the trimmer.

3. Go for walks with you, no dragging the human, walk when you walk, back up when you back up

4. Prepare for cart pulling

5. Send into the stall, paddock, pasture (any door way entrance) turn around and face you waiting to get the halter off.

Soon the Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC will be selling custom fit size quality rope halters and lead lines with brass screw on snaps and our own training tool used to not get kicked in the head and teach all of the above.

I look forward to training you to train your donkey or mule.

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC

Select our store to pay for 1, 5 or 10 lessons MELODYRIORIDING2014SEQUIMAGE8DONKEYSANDMISSTROPYMinisgettingREMsleep


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Did You Know Animals Have Personalities Introverted and Exroverted?

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC


I am now accepting students on your farm in the Sequim area as our farm is not completed yet, a work in progress. After we build our last home I will have classes here in Sequim, WA and virtual coaching will no longer be part of my business. I am working on an educational book and saving money to create an education DVD for sale in the future. 

Select OUR STORE to sign up for one lesson, five or ten. I pay Key Bank to manage all credit cards I never keep any credit cards on  hand ever. All lessons are banked and you can use whenever you have time. Most students meet with me once a week and spend fifteen minutes a day at least 3 times a week doing my homework. I train the owner of equine to train the equine via Skype, your videos and some of mine anywhere in the world. I do not train your equine I train you to train after I create a plan based on your needs and concerns and both of your personalities. My written homework brings instant results.

If you have been following my blog you know I am an extrovert (I can go introverted for short periods of time) I am married to my best friend Scott of twenty-two years, my beloved husband and guess what he is an introvert. This is actually proven to be normal for humans to choose the opposite personality of what they are as we crave what the other partner has, the opposite of what we do not have. I am by all means an optimist, creative and an innovator, I am most excited when I am working on a new project. I dream big and I love to share with others how to set goals and make their dreams come true. For me to be able to think, plan and become creative I crave quite. I need time to pray, and think with no distractions. Like some people I can’t create anything with too many distractions i.e., the television, I crave total quiet. After I have finished what is in my head the creativity and dreams, gifts GOD In Jesus Christ name has given me I crave human interaction too. I enjoy meeting new people who are like-minded, positive and have goals in their lives, as we will never be in this exact moment again. Every day we grow a day older at fifty-five I know I am half way done with my course in life.

Select Introverts and Extroverted Humans


I am passionate about helping owners of donkeys, horses and mules train their own equine and never send off to a trainer, after all you will be the person feeding, doing the hooves.  If an abscess forms in the hoof you will be creating your own hoof poultice and iodine wrap, caring for the equine not the trainer. I teach you the owner how to have a plan to stay safe and be a leader 100% of the time. 

The Donkey, Horse and Mule did not choose you to come to your farm in most cases not all cases.

If you have the sixth sense like the equine have naturally and you understand animals your plan is to let the equine choose you! Sadly most people want what they want and do not care if the equine likes them or not. This causes big problems down the road as the equine has emotions, too.


Why Does The Personality between you and your new horse, donkey or mule matter?

Depending on the goals you are setting for your donkey horse or mule you need to understand that an extroverted donkey, horse or mule is going to excel at leadership, learning new things and leading this includes you if you are an introvert. You can learn to lead as an introvert but it will take some work. An extrovert will love leading on the trail rides, going to shows in most cases if not abused and burned out to show off. The introvert will not want change and will go for a trail ride as long as they can follow the extrovert equine down the trail and forget about asking the introvert to jump and do agility work with the mini and standard size donkey and ponies. Do you see why it is smart to learn all the facts before opening your wallet to purchase any equine?


Next we must think about what are the goals for our new horse, donkey or mule?


Have a plan before purchasing your new donkey, horse or mule

it is imperative you not only let the equine choose you and trust you but also know the personality and spirit level and make sure your new equine is 100% sound (vet check for health and conformation) to ensure your new equine can physically do the work you require them to do and is of the age, physically, mentally ready.

Example if you find the perfect horse, pony, mini donkey, standard donkey or Mammoth donkey to ride as your jumping equine and show equine it is imperative you select an a strong athlete who is healthy and an extrovert.  No more than 20% of the weight of the donkey for riding including the saddle.


Introverts do not enjoy jumping, large crowds or anything new just like introverted humans prefer to stay home and read a book or watch a computer.  

“When I selected my horses and donkeys I can honestly tell you out of the eight we own, one did not choose me and after nine months he still has not. He trusts my husband but not me. His name is Maximus and I am giving him the time it takes to trust me as his previous trainer was a woman and sometimes donkeys, horses and mules.”


I am now accepting new worldwide virtual students to train.

Interested in learning how to train your horse, donkey or mule to catch you and take off the halter?

Would you like to learn how to load in the trailer and back out safely?

Learn how to stand and not move their feet for the trimmer?

Learn how to send into the pasture and have your horse, donkey or mule turn around and face you lower head to take off the halter?

Make a hoof boot for an abscess?

Diet, farm plan creation to make your life easier?

Which equine is the best fit for your skill level, goals and personality?

Take the temperature of your donkey,  horse or mule?

Saddle fitting?

How to Compost every day and use in your food production and hay fields?


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!






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Are You Frustrated With Your Donkey, Horse Or Mule?

Are You Frustrated With Your Donkey, Horse Or Mule?

Miss Lily Nov 2014 age9Lilyrunning10acresage92014_edited-1Rocketmamcloseupcarrotsage2020134miniscaleandar2014IMG_2927MARESMTS2014NCEMinisgettingREMsleepMELODYRIORIDING2014SEQUIMAGE8Maresrunningnice2014oboesears2014calanedarcalendaroboetubaTrophycalenaredershotage62014farll3 DONKS APPLESRocketmamcloseupcarrotsage2020134melodypushingriosearsforwardwhilestandingage7_edited-1Rio2012eye RIOAGE62012 RIOAGE6

Why can all of my equine wear no halter on 10 acres and come to me when called? Relationships take time and I am a fair leader but make no mistake I am 100% of the time a fair leader. I intentionally find ways to create a way for each personality to enjoy being with me. Some are introverts, extroverts and a couple are bipolar just like us humans. We have 1 Mammoth donkey, Rio Johnson, 3 mini donkeys, 2 standard donkeys (rescues) and 2 horses one is new and a rescue with severe PTSD issues and was dangerous when she came to live with us in June of 2014. She is no longer dangerous she is learning to trust and most important think.

I am an extroverted personality but I work very hard to match the energy and personality of the equine that shows up. Rio is an extreme introvert, he is slow and if pushed he will lay down and not move. So how I work with Rio takes work for me as my energy is high, I must become what he needs to be part of his life and be respected by him. In the wrong humans hands he would be dangerous as he always thinking. My hubby is an introvert and he works hard to pick up his energy and match the energy of our extrovert equine. This is what natural horsemanship is all about understanding how to fit into their world respectfully and never ever letting them hurt us. Working with equine is a dangerous sport.

Why are some equine easier to train?
Sex, past abuse, personality (lead extrovert is the most difficult) and how we teach them. Cookie cutter training will not work on all equine. We must evaluate the specific personality and needs of each equine and match the energy and then relax and act like nothing happened. Easy to write not easy to do as this takes practice. Emotional intelligence is imperative to your success.

Hubby and I Have 5 new equine living in their forever home they are important to help me teach you how to build trust first. Next comes training. Just like us humans can tell quickly who we like or do not like in the human world the horse, donkey and mule can do this in micro seconds it’s called survival.

The sixth sense is strong for survival. First we must build trust and be a fair leader not a dictator who never thinks what our equine needs and gave a plan to stay safe, this is a serious balancing act. When I am training new equine I do not let anyone work with them except me until they learn what is expected of them in domestication.

What does our domesticated equine need and want from us humans? Safety, a buddy, food and water along with toys as domestication is boring to an equine built to walk 15 to 25 miles per day. A job to do helps too, exercise is imperative to emotional and physical health in us humans and our equine. A human who will be a leader without physical abuse and never drill, a human who can make things interesting for them to learn what is expected.

A leader can use energy to correct and relax equine. A leader is confident 100% in the leadership role every time they step into the pasture or barn. A leader is confident as they know they are a leader and they have a plan a leader never has any fear ever. As they think of ways to stay safe without getting hurt when training.

Please do not step into your equines space with fear. Please seek a professional to help you develop your skills and control your energy never hold a grudge stay safe as working with equine is a dangerous sport if you have poor timing and your equine can out think you. If you are not matching the energy you will be a threat or a treat dispenser or worse a toy for your equine. Too much love and no leadership social skills creates a spoiled naughty and in some cases dangerous equine. Fear can create a dangerous equine too. Balance is the key.

Donkeys are deep thinkers never destroy trust as it is most difficult to get back just as trusting a human who betrays us humans is for the equine it is much more difficult. Learn to live in the moment and do not feel bad for the past show your equine the present every day be consistent in meals, training and correction must be done and then manage your energy to relax after the equine makes a mistake.

My horse miss Lily is a lead mare born this way but as a 20 month filly she was not confident so she spent most of her time rearing trying to stay on top of me. She was a right brain extrovert meaning she was very impulsive and could not think and have a plan. She now is a left brain extrovert meaning she has a plan and can think and wants to follow my leadership. She is not a rookies horse ever, she is a horse who can give a look just a look and make the horse or donkeys run out of the stall. My new horse is a horse who has severe PTSD and is a right brain extrovert but she is fearful Miss Lily was never fearful just spoiled. A fearful horse, donkey or mule can become very dangerous. Emotional intelligence is important to become a great partner for your equine. “My lead mare has a relationship with our new rescue horse but she never ever let’s the new horse lead. She sleeps with the new horse as she did with the donkeys and grooms but she never holds a grudge and she never let’s another equine lead her.”

If you are interested in learning how to have a relationship with your equine and stay in the leadership role I am excited to train you how to come into the equines world. After you learn how to become a leader with a plan this new skill will trickle into your personal life with the family, neighbors and all human relationships.

God bless you and your family two and four-legged.

Melody http://
My e-mail is
My cell is 360 620-5868 for a free meet and greet to learn how virtual training (me training you to train) works.


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Looking For A Trainer For Your Horse, Donkey or Mule?

I am a worldwide virtual coach for you the owner!  I look forward to meeting you and training you to train your equine from the comfort of your home. The best person to train is the owner who feeds, cares and spends time with their beloved equine. Please don’t send your equine off to a trainer as the equine learns best from the human they have a deep relationship with, if you send off to a trainer you still need to learn how to train and build a relationship. 

I  teach you from your computer to my computer anywhere in the world. Skype makes it possible for you the student to sit in the comfort of your home, take notes, and I give you detailed homework for you to train your equine. Get comfortable a nice cup of coffee, tea and prepare to learn you have hired me to coach you and teach you to train.  I am also a consultant to tell you whatever you need help in and around your farm; fencing, health, diet, and more.

Select Donkey Whisperer Training


Do you find yourself wishing you could train your donkey, horse or mule to do the most basic of domesticated socialized things such as;

Come running to you when called

Stop when you tell them to, walk-on when you ask

Stand still for the trimmer or vet

Send into the stall and turn around and face you

Send into the horse trailer and back out calmly



I offer one, five or ten lessons Select Our Store (KEYBANK virtual merchant) you can pay with any major credit card and not worry as I pay a fee to Kebank to keep this site secure. If you are still worried you can purchase a disposable credit card at Wallmart and use this for the class cost. I am working on creating 1 hour group classes via Skype for 2015. Stay tuned, cost will be $45.00, no  more than 10 students at time. Having one-on-one lessons is a much easier way to learn so I would encourage you to use this opportunity to make 2015 the year you become the Donkey Whisperer for your farm. I train you to train your donkey, horse or mule using resistance free methods no old cowboy abuse here ever. Safety is my number one concern for you and your equine.



GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Need Help Training Your Donkey, Horse or Mule?

Need Help Training Your Donkey, Horse or Mule?

I am a world-wide virtual coach, consultant and trainer of you the owner of equine, my name is Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC

I train you to understand your donkey, horse or mules needs and stay in the leadership role with no abuse ever. I am passionate about helping you keep your dream of farm living and not sending your equine off to another home.

Issues I Can Fix

Donkey is angry will not come when called, violent towards you or another equine

Donkey will not let you put the halter on

Donkey is kicking when farrier comes and fighting

Donkey is too fat and getting abscesses, laminitis

Horse is violent, striking, attacking, cribbing, will not stand when boarding

I have to sedate my donkey to get the hooves trimmed


After working with me you will be able to;

Call your donkey, horse or mule just like a dog and they will come running to catch you

Halter your equine with no resistance

Send into the stall, pasture or trailer, lower head to put halter on and load with no resistance and back out

Pick up all of the hooves with no halter on while standing on one side

Give medicine without a fuss

Take for a hike on a trail and let your donkey carry your lunch

Teach agility training just like a dog to your donkey

Ride your horse, donkey or mule. I teach you how to do safety checks before riding as long as the equine is old enough and big enough for your weight

Your donkey, horse or mule is now ready to learn how to pull a cart


Ready to start working with me?

Select our store and pay for one lesson, five lessons or ten lessons via Key Bank, Virtual Merchant who manages credit cards world-wide.  I will send you a receipt after each lesson and I will keep track of how many lessons you have used. We Skype once a week and I give you detailed homework. I need a video of you doing your homework to help you be successful achieve your goals. I have trained 100’s of people from my computer to their computer all over the world from France, Norway, and all over the U.S.A. I am now working with a farm in Korea. :)

If you want to learn how to train using resistance free methods give the Donkey Whisperer a try. I will train you how to become the Donkey Whisperer for your farm. I look forward to helping you.



GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!




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Falling In Love/Training Another Horse And Four More Donkeys

Falling In Love/Training Another Horse And Four More Donkeys

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

“To all of my readers who have been following my blog since 2010 you know how important my family two and four-legged is to me and I just want to say thank you for reading my blog and following my journey in this thing called life. If you are new to my blog you can search all the way back to 2010 and see my journey in blogging and life, thank you for reading my blog and may GOD bless each and every one of you and your families two and four-legged in Jesus Christ Name.”  Melody, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC

My horse Miss Lily (Palomino quarter horse) I call her Mr. Ed’s wife is so darn smart and special, we are very connected she is in her forever home. June 1st, 2014 I was able to bring Miss Trophy our new horse home to her forever home. Miss Trophy gets to live with Miss Lily first and most important as horses need to live with another horse, second for me to teach her to trust, think and use her brain. Why does she need to learn to think? She is not a wild horse she is a domesticated horse a horse who needs to accept the human world for the vet, trimmer/farrier, saddle, going in the trailer and much, much more. One day I will ride this mare with just her halter on and no bit, but not today as she needs time to adjust to her new life and learn to trust me to be a leader using resistance free training. Miss Trophy has not been started yet (carried a rider with a saddle) she is six years old. June of 2014 we brought home Oboe and Tuba (rescue donkeys no paperwork) to live with Rio our Mammoth donkey 16’2  hands tall and eight now. Rocket Man (our mini donkey age 20) now lives in a mini donkey world with Roy and Maximus (two new minis) all live in separate spaces and are balanced and calm. Roy and Maximus are afraid of the blanket and much, much more one step forward, one step back all the while helping them learn to trust me.

Minis Live together, Mares Live Together and Rio with Oboe and Tuba

After studying the behavioral traits of Miss Lily, Rio the Mammoth donkey and Rocket Man I learned that this is not a safe and natural way to live. Why? Miss Lily wants to run and chase Rocket Man and would get frustrated with Rio as he would not run with her and she would ride him like a stallion trying to get him to run. Can a horse live with another smaller animal or a donkey sure but the personality, sex and age are all factors. Miss Lily is an extreme athlete and an extrovert she likes to run and move fast. Rio is an extreme gentle giant an introvert he prefers to stand around and look at things. Rocket Man is a mini and he is not big enough to out-run a fast horse or a Mammoth donkey that is 16’2. When Rio and Rocket Man bonded Rio was nine months old and small, Rocket Man was thirteen. Now Rio is so big when he grabs his neck, normal behavior for donkeys he picks Rocket Man off the ground a few feet and then lays on him with his knee. Not safe and thus why they no longer live together. When Miss Lily would chase Rocket Man Rio would protect him. Rio can see Rocket Man on the other side of the fence and will always love him but he is too big to live with him. I am grateful to GOD nothing bad happened to Rocket Man while we were waiting to get moved to our new farm in Sequim, WA.

Miss Trophy our new mare is truly smart, athletic and contagious with beauty she is not easy as horses go as she is very defensive and reactive so we are working on helping her relax and feel calm in her new world while having a plan to set her up for success and stay safe. A thousand pound horse who is only using the reactive side of their brain can’t think and make good choices they are into the flight or fight mode and this is a dangerous horse. As long as we humans have a plan this horse can learn to think again this entails a lot of patience and time and a plan to keep her and me safe. I am pleased to report Miss Trophy now trusts me and this is a huge accomplishment in a very short amount of time. After getting to run free on the ten acres for five hours (we will one day grow low sugar hay on) with Miss Lily this mare is the first to come to me when I call. She comes to me before my Miss Lily amazing ha? Not really when you understand the personality of this mare and her most important issue is to gravitate towards safety and a fair leader ME. I trump Miss Lily and for this I am extremely pleased with my training.  Miss Trophy is truly a magnificent horse and we are starting to bond and build a super strong relationship as she finally trusts me after four months of being handled lightly every day. I have taught her how to back-up a few steps, whoaa and come to me, send into her stall or the pasture, turn around, lower her head and let me take the halter off, wait at least thirty seconds before leaving me. She can now stand for the farrier without urinating, pawing, defecating or squealing and she has lost 1″ in height as she is not in fear for her life on adrenalin. When she came to me she hated the halter and now she actually chooses to put her head into the rope halter as I wait for her to choose. She can stand calmly and not have stress, excited to see what is next to learn.






“Miss Lily has lived with me since she was twenty months old and she is now nine. Miss Lily did not come to me trained and she was difficult and not confident in the beginning. Today she is a confident and strong nine-year old Palomino mare, she is a huge part of the training and success I am having with this new un-confident mare as all animals and humans gravitate towards calm energy and a leader with a plan.” Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC





I am a world-wide virtual coach for you the owner of the horse, donkey or mule to learn how to care, setup your farm for mud free, correct diet, load in the trailer, pick up the hooves, stand for the trimmer/farrier ride, go for a hike carry your lunch, take fecal samples. The sky is the limit when you learn to understand the personality and behavior of your horse, donkey or mule and yourself. The most important part of being a great leader is controlling our energy and having a plan to stay safe and keep the equine depending on the personality engaged. Example; My introverted Mammoth donkey Rio does not enjoy big changes, loud noises or anything new thrown at him put on him fast. In fact my extroverted new mini donkeys do not enjoy this either.

What do the different personalities crave and desire to relax and learn?

The introvert is looking for a leader who is calm and has low energy to take the time it takes to help them feel comfortable with change. Sometimes this is like watching paint dry for us humans with the extrovert personality. Thus why I teach to train them in small time frames as drilling makes them crazy both the extroverts and the introverts.

The Extrovert is looking for a calm leader with low energy that can pick up the energy and make things fun this takes having a plan and setting them up for success without us humans getting hurt. The introvert learns extremely fast after they trust us and have learned to use their brain to think. Can’t think when scared for your life. I have four new donkeys all geldings in training, Oboe and Tuba are both rescues no paperwork. Oboe is an extrovert and will fight to the end with any equine or human he does not trust. Tuba is an introvert. Maximus is our mini black gelding age two and an extreme extrovert along with Roy who is extroverted too but can go into introversion like Rocket Man our mini age twenty he is bi-polar at times when very stressed. This personality is one of the most interesting as I find studying the behavior traits of the herd and the personality on a daily basis.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is in animals just like us humans

When we bring home a new animal dog, horse, donkey, mule, cat and they did not get the beginning imprinting meaning touch safely, love and the time to learn humans are safe we are seriously bringing personality and behaviors that may or may not ever change.  Example in 2008 after my most beloved kitty Shimmer died I waited a year and let PAWS know I was looking for another Manx mix rescue. A man I worked with in information technology had the mother of a manx mix and she had kittens he told me I could have one of his kittens for free. My husband and I brought Shimmer home to live with us at seven weeks and he adored being held and loved on by both me and my hubby. Shimmer had a great start in life the love of his mom and siblings and was touched gently by humans as a kitten. I taught Shimmer to walk on a lead like a dog and he traveled all over the USA with us in our R.V. and car. He was very social and felt safe with us and our dogs. Christmas was great fun as he loved opening his presents yes a cat that could open his present (cat nipped tucked inside) I miss you Shimmer and know one day I will snuggle with you again in heaven.

When I got the call two kittens now three months old were ready to pick up I ran to the center to meet them. I made the decision to only bring one home but after hearing their story about being found in an abandoned car and how scared they were I thought I can help these girls I will take them both. I am happy to share moving into the 5th wheel is helping them as we are in a smaller space but they still want nothing to do with us other than food, water and their cat box cleaned. Our dogs are a different story they like to snuggle against them and they sleep with them to stay warm on the floor. They sleep on our bed when we are gone and never when we are in it.


After living with us for six years they are still distant with us. They do not trust us, their memories of PTSD with humans spaying them, giving them shots, living in a cage waiting for a home and worse are still in their minds and to fix a cat that is feral is most of the time impossible. These girls are indoor cats. To fix a human with extreme PTSD can take years and can work or can not work it all depends on the personality of the human and the person doing the rehabilitation. Studies have found horses and donkeys used with licensed mental health care workers to help PTSD humans live a great life again. PTSD never goes away as triggers can set the animal and the human off but they can learn to live a good life. Interesting ha?

Shimmer my prayer is you are in heaven chasing bugs, and climbing trees and when tired you lay in a dry warm place and enjoy heaven. I love you and miss you every day my kitty Shimmer.



 Purcilla and Jasmine (feral rescue sisters)


If you need help to train your donkey, horse or mule give me a call the first thirty minutes is free to meet and greet. Melody Johnson, (360) 620-5868. I am a world-wide virtual coach to train you to train your equine. We use Skype, your videos and mine along with detailed homework assignments. Each of your lessons are banked and kept track of via quick books so if life happens we can step back into training when you are ready. Learning from the comfort of your home is a really smart way to learn as you are relaxed and your brain has time to learn, having a personal coach to ask questions is invaluable as no DVD will give you this.

I look forward to coaching you as fall and winter is the perfect time to study and prepare to have a plan when spring arrives. We meet once a week via Skype. My Skype name is DONKEYWHISPERERFARM2010.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


(360) 620-5868


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