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It’s Raining! Where Are My Long Johns?

ARENASeptember92013dogsgarden 085

Well I’m back to lower back pain, hip pain and feet going numb as the barometric pressure has changed drastically in the last twenty-four hours. The semi-truck accident left me with three large screws in my pelvis, arthritis, nerve damage and joint pain. The stainless steel screws in my pelvis do not mix with rain and cold weather it’s like nothing I can describe an aching that will not stop until summer comes again in my hips.  Soon it will be time to find my snow pants as I wear them outside on the farm from October to the end of April here in the Pacific Northwest, Washington.

We placed the mattress warmer on tonight oh how I miss summer!


I’m missing the 80 and 90 degree sunny summer we had as I felt the pain was manageable.  Pain is a horrible thing it never stops, twenty four-seven it just keeps on and on.  I say never give up!  I pray GOD helps me find a way to cope as this is going to be another long, wet, damp winter in the Pacific Northwest.

This is our last fall and winter in our home as we are moving to Sequim next spring. The rain fall is dramatically lower in the blue hole of Sequim 12″ of rain compared to Kingston where we have 41″  of rain or more a year. Less rain will be better for my body, our donkey boys, and our horses along with my old dog Jewel she turns ten this year, that’s seventy in people years.  Jewel goes outside to do her business and then it’s right next to the fireplace on her bed again.

Please if you have animals that are aging do your best to get them to the vet and get them on an anti-arthritis medicine as this pain is horrific.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Jesus, Life, Animals, marriage and Unconditional Love


Friends Of The Donkey Whisperer Farm,

Life Is Precious and Fragile


Perhaps this is your first time reading my blog, I want to say thank you for reading my blog as I pray that my pain and suffering will in some way help you find peace, joy and come to your knees for Jesus Christ as us humans can do nothing without Jesus.  Select GOD created a miracle for me to read more.

Before the accident I was healthy, happy, riding my horse three times a week for three and four-hour trail rides with other ladies I met that liked to ride horses with me I felt like we were friends as we had much in common (it is safer to trail ride with a buddy).  All of these friends never ever checked in on me or called me again after the accident.  Our church and close friends brought food, cards and more in to help but after six months the phone stopped ringing and then they went away too.  Still GOD provided blessings with my husband standing by me and all of my angel animals.

Trauma will either break a marriage or make it stronger

Thank you Jesus trauma made our marriage of almost twenty-one years living together and fourteen years being married stronger.

Why Do People Go Away During Trauma?

We had one set of friends who did not go away and they are still our close friends but that’s it. Trauma seems to burn all the non-essential things away from our life and I experienced a period of time of spending many, many hours and years alone while my husband went to work, in my most deepest times of pain and suffering I used my Ipod with Max McLean reading the bible to me Psalms was very helpful. As I was not able to lift my bible up the pain was to great with all the broken ribs and collapsed lung.  Job was the most helpful for at the end of Job GOD gives JOB double for his trouble!  If you read JOB you will see Job did nothing wrong to get the pain and suffering he endured as I did nothing wrong to deserve the pain and suffering I endured and still endure each and every day from the rods in my pelvis. This is what GOD is doing for me and my husband he is giving us double for our trouble and it feels like he is rewarding us for staying in faith with Jesus as I am slowly getting stronger and stronger and the new medicine helps tremendously with the pain.


My life was it seemed to me to be perfect as I would wake up each morning like a child at christmas I could not wait to get down to the barn to see my horse and donkeys a dream come true.  I had waited thirty-four years to get a horse again and I was so happy to finally have my children full-grown and get this last chance before I was too old.  In a matter of seconds everything changed forever as I got into a car with a person who made a mistake ran a stop sign and a semi-truck full of cow manure smashed into the passenger door where I was sitting.  I am forever disabled but I am not dead in fact in many ways I am a better person for what I have survived as I now have the ability to read an authentic human from the rest in a matter of seconds.  Many long-term friends of over thirty years went away.  Why?  Well I guess they were weak and could not stay with me while I suffered year after year with pain and agony so they just stopped being my friend and even betrayed me at my most darkest hour.  Looking back these people were not bad people they were simply weak people who could not do the right thing under trauma. “GOD burnt away all non-essential relationships with the trauma and he is bringing some amazing new people to be my friends into my life, people who are stronger than me and people who truly have depth perception of this little thing called life.”

After I almost died nothing else really mattered to me except keeping my marriage and my farm.  The little distractions in life that used to bother me no longer bother me as they are non-essential.

I truly believe that my animals helped me get well as they gave me the inspiration to push hard to continue with physical therapy for three years.  They pushed me to never give up and get my life back and I am forever grateful to my husband for letting me keep my farm in the midst of trauma.

What Did Grandpa Say About Friends?

My grandfather is long gone to heaven now and I miss him every single day as I do my father, I lost my father at the age of nine years old. “Grandpa would say to me, Melody if you walk with ducks you will become a duck. Be careful who you choose to be your friend.”  

Earlier today I was discussing this issue with a fellow blogger and well it gave me the desire to write a post about how animals can heal our human broken heart. Animals will love us humans unconditionally 100% and never ever hurt us or let us down unlike most humans.

A nest of baby wild rabbits in my flower garden – truly a gift from GOD!

I can’t wait to see them hopping around the farm


One of the reasons I have been drawn to animals since I was a young child was I picked up on this at a very young age.  “Animals can determine in a matter of seconds the character of a human being as they have a natural sixth sense that helps them determine who is a great and safe human and who is angry and dangerous.”

The bible is clear that we must put all of our trust in Jesus and not in mankind as humans will betray or disappoint us.  Why is this?  I think very weak humans cannot help themselves they only do what they have grown up doing or they were betrayed and hurt so deeply that they cannot love themselves.


Back to animals

Animals love unconditionally, they truly do!  Animals do not ask much from us humans, shelter, food, water, love, petting and they know when we are sad, afraid, mad or tired.  They know when we are happy, excited and they pick up on our energy.

Animals live in the moment they truly do.  Animals enjoy each day as it comes and do not worry about what tomorrow will bring.





Sampson cannon beach sand


009 - Copy




dogscatpurcilla\Melody Kissing Rio





GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Iron Sharpens Iron

Wow I have heard this statement over and over again; I guess this is what helps people feel better saying such a thing when trauma hits our sweet loved ones.  Another one I hear over and over is “GOD only gives you as much as you can take, you must be really strong.”

GOD loves his children and he authorizes pain and suffering to his children for a short time and then GOD in Jesus Christ name brings justice for his children.  When GOD steps in everything changes and people will have no doubt it was GOD as no man can do what GOD can do.

No human can really understands life as GOD is in control not us. 



Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; but I remember the name of the Lord my GOD. Pslam 20:7 (NKJV)

I trust in, rely on, and am confident in You, O Lord, I say, You are my GOD.  My times are in your hands.  Psalm 31:14-15

The fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) of man brings a snare, but whoever leans on, trusts in, and puts his confidence in the Lord is safe and set on high.  Proverbs 29:25

The Lord is my Rock, my Fortress, and my Deliverer; my GOD, my keen and firm Strength in Whom I trust and take refuge, my Shield and the Horn of my salvation, my High Tower.  I call upon the Lord, Who is to be praised; so shall I be saved from my enemies.  Psalm 18:2-3

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Partners Against Pain – November is National Caregivers Awareness Month

Please select Partners Against Pain for more information.

November is National Caregivers Awareness Month

Sending a big thank you to all the caregivers working hard to care for our beloved family members.  I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to my aunt Peg for caring for my ninety-two year old grandma!  My grandmother still lives in the home my grandfather built for her over fifty years ago all of this is directly attributed to my aunts hard work and dedication.

Me and my grandma before my pain was managed note the smile on my face shows pain.

We must remember no human or animal should suffer from horrific pain, this is not a quality life.   I went over one year without having my pain managed not understanding that the pain was not going to go away like when we break our leg or something.   Pain is a signal to say something is wrong and we need to get help I highly suggest reaching out and doing your homework when helping a loved one navigate pain management.  Before my pain was managed I refused to eat much, suffered from insomnia as the pain would wake me up I found myself living a life in a deep blur this is not healthy.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Living With Chronic Pain

Why write this post?

It is my hope and desire that my life story will help you have a bit more empathy for your family and friends who are suffering with pain.  Animals cannot speak our language and they depend on us humans to pay attention to how they are walking, laying and acting in life, please remember pain affects our pets too:)

What’s it like to live with chronic pain?

The smile that was once on our human face is removed replaced with little wrinkles between the eyes, breathing is shortened and more intense, hands can seem to grip tight, toes crumple up, neck is tight, and pain becomes something we learn to live with.  No longer is it fun to entertain or attend social events as pain requires our immediate attention.  Here is a link to show the faces of Pain a doctor pain scale  really sad that many times a chronic pain can turn into a tear jerking insane pain for no apparent reason at all.  Pain changes and swings in and out of our bodies.

What Can We Do To Help The Human Or Animal Live The Best Life?

Make sure the doctors have an understanding of what is causing the pain.  Pain has a reason to be sending us the signal something is wrong in our bodies, something is terribly wrong when pain makes us cry tears and we need to give our bodies the opportunity to heal.  We need to wait another day to push harder and sometimes less is more in working with strengthening our bodies muscles.

Pain is very real yes this is indeed true but beneath the pain and pain medication is the same human we use to know in a different way, same mother, wife, husband, brother, father, daughter, sister, co-worker, friend just enduring a daily battle with chronic pain.  To be free of pain is indeed a gift from GOD.  Never take for granted such a gift as it has freed you to do or be anything you want to be, no limitations if you are pain free.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Back To Physical Therapy – a gait physical therapist


Update on my  health:

The bible says “The Lord Gives Us Strength For Today”, I try to remember I just need to enjoy the day as best as I can as things could have been way worse than they are, heck I could have died very easily.   I will forever be grateful to Jesus for letting me live and keep my most precious legs and brain, GOD is indeed amazing as my body survived what can only be called a miracle.  I am indeed grateful for the medical team of doctors that worked on my body and continues to support me as I learn to live with the physical disabilities and life long pain the motor vehicle accident created.

The weather is a huge factor for me as the screws in my pelvis do not like cold and damp weather, perhaps one day GOD will provide a place for us to live with less rain and not so darn cold.  The last two months have been record breakers for lack of rain in Western Washington, fall is here as the mornings and nights are getting colder again causing the deep hip pain to return oh how I did not miss this pain.

I continue to endure rib pain, hip pain, neuropathy in my feet, back pain, middle, lower and upper as well my pelvis does not move with the screws in it as it should.   I wear shoes called Joya to help walk on cement but still stairs and cement are my biggest challenge. Walking is indeed one of my most difficult challenges along with sitting I really need the pelvis elevated for the best relief.

Remember to stay grateful for everything in your life as someone in the world has it worse off than us.  Our life is fragile and precious and we should never ever take any of it for granted as we never know when our time is up, our health is the most important thing we can own. If you have your health you are indeed blessed.

I thank you for continuing to pray for me and my family,  I pray my story has helped you stay motivated and inspired to trust GOD in Jesus Christ precious name for all things.  GOD is amazing!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Healing From Physical Trauma Car Accident, Stroke, Spinal Cord, Broken Pelvis, Nerve Pain – Ask For A Physiatrist

What Is a Physiatrist? – copied from the link below

One of the best, albeit unintentionally kept secrets of medicine is the specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R, also known as physiatry) and its doctors called physiatrists (’ trists).

These are physicians (MD’s or DO’s) who are trained experts in bones, joints, muscles, nerves and the brain, with a strong emphasis on how all of those work together to create function. For rehabilitation (rehab) physicians, the primary focus is restoring, maintaining, and optimizing function. That accounts for the breadth of patients physiatrists treat, including those with: sports injuries (professional and recreational athletes), spinal cord injuries (e.g. Christopher Reeves), brain injuries (such as reporter Bob Woodruff), neurological diseases (e.g. Michael J Fox), carpal tunnel syndrome, strokes, burns, amputations, arthritis, etc. The common denominator among all of these is loss of function.

Did you know the Physiatrist is a well-kept secret?

Not anymore, share this information with your loved ones.  Here is the link explaining the role of this doctor.  

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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