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After An Almost Fatal Car Accident – What Comes Next?


I try really hard to not be a victim, not be a whiner, not be a person who cries on my blog about the pain and suffering I endure daily from surviving an almost fatal car accident while riding as passenger.  I try really hard to keep my blog positive and stay focused to my purpose of creating the Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC business. I have no doubt GOD has me here for a reason. Perhaps my story will inspire you to never give up, let Jesus Christ hold you up when you are tired. Seems GOD created us to have free will. For some of us this is harder as we want to trust GOD but we begin recycling the problem, pain, money, suffering and then in exhaustion we cry out to GOD for help. I have learned to ask GOD for everything even a parking spot. 

My purpose; Helping the donkeys, mules and horses have a better life showing people resistance free training (without pain) is not only possible it is the best way to train equine this is indeed my purpose. 

Guess what I have learned while on this journey of teaching the owner or caretaker to train the donkey, mule or horse? 

It’s all about you! The donkey has sized you up in a matter of seconds.

  1. Abuser or bully
  2. Treat Dispenser
  3. Fair Leader Who Can Be Trusted

Remember the journey of life is short. We must not take a single day for granted at any moment everything can change. Change is what makes us grow. Change is terrifying without faith. Faith is something we feel we do not see. God asks us to trust him first. Next we must make a move. Show our faith. Most of the time after we do this we must wait. I think the waiting is a testing time. God is looking to see if we are real and will we trust him. I can tell you if you do not stop trusting GOD and live your life with gratitude, forgiveness to those who have harmed you and mostly yourself. Your life will explode with possibilities even you could never dream of. God is amazing! We humans are simply here to leave our finger print mark, a place for others to see we were here on the planet. Each of us has gifts and talents unique to what GOD has gifted us to do. The key is learning to trust what we love to do and then go do it.  Sometimes volunteering before expecting to work and earn money in a new profession is needed.

Shine your light bright for the entire world to see and never forget the moment you step out in life the critics will appear. Why? Some people simply are not going to like some people. It’s called life. Do not let this stop you from your dreams. These people have their own paths to take. Reminder it’s not about trying to please people. It’s about pleasing GOD. Say I am sorry and mean it when we make a mistake with another living human or animal and try not to repeat the behavior. We must try to work on ourselves it is the only thing we can truly change ourselves.  Forgive quickly. Live in the moment just like the animals.

All work with no relaxation or play is exhausting. Living in our busy world takes balance, planning and time management skills. We must take the time we need to recharge our batteries. Prayer is like talking to your very best friend it’s easy. Lord I know you are there in heaven. I need your protection, guidance and favor without you I am nothing. Sounds simple but many of us forget we must talk to GOD each day, never skip a day.

Our attitude is probably one of the most important things we can change; also one of the most difficult to change when enduring pain and suffering.  If we can learn to control our attitude we can create a massive chain reaction moving us into the life we want to create, share, enjoy and pass down as our legacy after we leave these human bodies.  I cry out for GOD to help me change my attitude as I don’t believe I am strong enough to tackle my attitude without Jesus Christ helping me.  Each of us has one life to live and it is our responsibility as adults to figure out our special gifts and talents and enjoy what we are given no matter how unfair it all seems.

I worked really hard to wait. GOD helped me wait and I could see the equine in the video camera surveillance as we have these in the stalls and pastures.

I could not put any weight on my pelvis for 90 days. The first thing I did after the car accident with the help of the walker was go see my horse and donkeys. Never give up!

Sadly I suffer from chronic pain daily, hourly since the almost fatal car accident in the spring of 2010. I just don’t understand why any person should have to have this kind of pain and suffering day in and day out.  Praying GOD releases me from pain and heals my body to 100% restoration, for now I must keep my head up and live life grateful most days I am pretty good. I am indeed a reminder to never invoke pain and suffering on any human or animal is truly awareness that I am trying to teach with GOD’s help I have indeed touched you in some way.  You will then make an attitude change and stop abuse of humans and animals as each of us is exactly in the right place to help others enjoy life.  Please do not let anyone abuse a human or animal. You can stop abuse!  God has planted you in the exact time and place to help another living animal or person. REMEMBER this could be you and you need a person to pay it forward. We get from life what we put into it, darkness or light. What do you chose? 

Yesterday was a hard day had another back spasm so bad again and I really don’t know why.  The metal in my pelvis messes everything up when I walk, bend, sit and stand and yet without the metal in my pelvis I would surely not be able to walk so it is a double edge sword one I work on mentally every single hour I am awake.

Writing is very therapeutic as it helps me help you.  Sadly, many of us live in isolation in this great big world, we think we are the only person suffering. Most people suffer it is the world we live in. Trying to live in the moment and help others is always a way to help us heal.

I share these very personal feelings in hopes my pain and suffering helps another human or animal not suffer so much.  GOD uses everything negative to help others and I pray my transparency helps you and gives you the courage to enjoy your life and push past the fears that are holding you back to enjoy this precious life.

Each of us has the same amount of time in each day and yet some people complete so very much more than others.  These are the interesting and perplexing thoughts that come into my mind all the time.  If you have survived trauma GOD has a reason to keep you here on earth.  GOD uses each of us to be a light in the dark for others. Never forget that GOD is good and he wants all his children to surrender to him with a simple prayer.

Please never ever abuse your donkey, horse or mule.  Please never abuse any human or animal and if you see abuse open your mouth and help the victim animal or human. You are a human angel. No other person can do what you can do as GOD has planted you in the perfect location. The key is to look for opportunities to be a blessing to others even when we are exhausted.

Please understand pain is not the answer to training horses, mules and donkeys.  Take the time it takes to train your equine after all you are the smart human they are just domesticated animals forced to live in the environment you created for them. Pain and suffering makes certain personalities of humans and animals fight back harder and one day the result can be deadly. Working with equine is a dangerous sport. Please be sure you have a great coach or trainer to teach you how to be a fair leader without abuse. Your family, work, and relationships all around you will flourish when you learn how to control your emotions. Animals are always looking for a leader not an abuser. People cannot learn anything from a bully. Please learn natural resistance free training techniques.

Here I am standing  in the Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC office. Dreams do come true! Never give up!!!!

Be grateful for your life and what GOD has given you!  Do not treat your animals like prisoners in lieu of a partner.  If your horse, donkey or mule won’t come to you when you step into their world perhaps it’s time for you to figure out why? Sounds like a relationship problem and guess what outstanding relationships take time, prayer and patience.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC


World-Wide Virtual Coaching, Training For You The Owner Of A Donkey, Horse or Mule?

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

I have been a Parelli student since 2007 after purchasing a twenty month filly Miss Lily and Rio (our mammoth donkey) at nine months with Rocket Man (13 years) our mini donkey.  I am not an instructor of Parelli. I also have videos and have studied Meredith Hodges, Lucky Three Ranch, Clinton Anderson, Chris Cox and many more. You could say I learn from as many sources as possible as no one person knows everything.  In April of 2010 I survived a semi-truck accident leaving physically disabled for the rest of my life select GOD Created A Miracle For Me.  After three years of physical therapy I was finally able to travel, my first trip was to complete the Horseanality/Humanality Course in Florida with Linda Parelli and Dr. Handley. This course was powerful for me to read all equine personalities and humans whom I interact with in my personal life and my world-wide coaching, consulting and training the owner (humans) of equine.  My new world-wide business is Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC you can take a look at what I do by selecting the link


certificateparrellihorsanlityfeb42014 certicatehorseanlityparellihumanliltycoursefeb42014

I started out helping people for free all over the world after surviving a semi-truck accident in 2010 it was a way for me to have purpose and still stay connected to my passion in the donkey world. Today I coach, consult and train owners for horses, mules and donkeys from my computer to their computer via skype, my cell, instant message, facebook and e-mail. I have helped over 65 people since 2010 in France, Norway, Australia and all over the U.S.A.

What is resistance free training?

Resistance free training in my words is you the owner are always thinking and planning ahead to have a plan for your donkey, horse or mule. You are the leader without a twitch, without bending the ear, without a beating with a big two x four. You never with hold water from your equine or food for punishment. No making them stand to the fence for hours or wear a saddle or halter for hours on end. You are the leader in a safe way, and you never let anyone including the farrier hurt your equine.

Pain is old school way of training an equine

I teach you the owner how to train your equine without pain, think about how you learn. Do you learn from a person who hurts you slaps you in the face over and over if you do not sit still for the dentist. Drill Sargent personality or do you learn how to become the best you can be from a person who engages you into learning, a person who will share the world with you in whatever new field you want to learn? I say world as it feels like this when we learn something new. It feels like we are stepping into a new world experience and for our equine this is how they feel. A human who will entice you to share the world with them? Do I discipline my horses and donkeys if they are dangerous and not behaving yes, but I do not abuse them ever.

obomelodysmilimgmelodylilyjuly2010DSCN1295 LILYLICKINGRIORIOLILYPONYUPLILYRUNNINGRIOBACK2012LILYAGE72012BEAUTYRioage62012septMelody Kissing Rio

If you want to learn a new way to train give me a try the first 1/2 hour is free. My skype name is Donkeywhispererfarm2010 and my cell is 360 620-5868.  We skype once a week and I give you detailed homework assignments I type out in Skype to you. Next you provide me with a video of your homework and we discuss how to improve your results and what I see in your timing and your equines response. Remember to match the energy of your equine.

I am accepting new students again as some have graduated and achieved their goals.

melodypushingriosearsforwardwhilestandingage7_edited-1melodlilysept2013RocketMan2012age18015 (5)melodyridingrionobitage7


We are building a world-wide education center for Donkeys, Horses and Mules in Sequim, WA. A place to learn from veterinarians who specialize in the diet, hoof care, and more of the donkey, horse and mule.  Our first course, grand opening of my new business Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC on July 17, 18 and 19th, 2015 (Friday-Sunday) with Nate Bowers teaching how to train our equine to pull a cart. You must have a foundation before you start training any equine to pull a cart as this is a dangerous sport.  Sign-ups will be starting this summer for next summer attendance as we are moving from Kingston to Sequim, WA.

sequimmtst102014MELODYCUTTINGHAY2014MAYIRRRRIGATIONSEQUIMFARMMAY2014roundpen2204mayON DONKEY TIMELily3bittlessbridle newfarmbig2014aprilobo2 - Copybarn2015may

Our new MD barn is almost completed! Thank you JESUS!!!!




Looking For Help With Your Donkey, Mule or Horse?






I provide worldwide virtual coaching, consulting and training from my computer to your computer. We use skype, your video’s, my videos and I will help you with basic social skills, saddle fitting, hay, diet, building a farm plan and a safe site for your equine to live. The sky is the limit.

I am excited to share I am now certified in Horseanality/Humanlity.

What does this mean for you? I can help you determine if your equine (horse, donkey or mule) is an extrovert or introvert and create a custom training plan you can use to train your equine yourself. No need to travel or send them off to a trainer. Donkeys, horses and mules learn best from the human they trust and adore with great leadership skills and no abuse, I can teach you how to stay safe and not abuse your equine, stay a leader 100% of the time. I am Not A Parelli Trainer, I do not teach Parelli.

certicatehorseanlityparellihumanliltycoursefeb42014 LILYRIOJUMPINGLILY2012_edited-1IMG_2927

Ready to start coaching with me?

Select select our store to sign up for coaching sessions, the first 15 minutes is free.  I am taking a few more students now.  We work together once a week and I give you homework, back together the next week. I am flexible one session at a time or a break in the cost if you purchase 10 sessions.

You can do this!

Select testimonials as I have helped people in France, Norway and all over the world from the comfort of my computer to your computer.  I teach my method to you on how to be a great leader and never drill, no more than 15 minutes per training exercise is your homework timeframe with your horse, donkey or mule as drilling never works. Equine need time to soak and think about what we taught them.

I ride my horse Miss Lily an extroverted fast quarter horse (a little Seattle Slew in her) and my introverted Mammoth donkey Rio with no bit and no spurs. I point to the horse trailer and they get in. Simple stuff, I will teach you how to be the leader for your equine without abuse.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


A Ride On Miss Lily No Bit, No Spurs

lilymelodybittlessbeautiful lilylookinginwoodsbitttlesssogood

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

Yesterday I was able to get back on Miss Lily for a thirty minute ride, I have to use the stair steps to get on.  I rode her with no bit just her Parelli rope halter and no spurs as I do not use spurs.  Whenever I start a horse, donkey or mule I start them in baby steps. “The bit comes last and is never used with a beginner rider, I always put the bittless bridle on for beginners.”

Never get on a horse without making sure you have a connection “I Say Make Sure You Have Their Head”

I have been a home study student of Parrell since 2007.  I am very grateful to this program as my horse and mammoth donkey are trained to not move when I board or get off. Remember mounting and dismounting is the most dangerous part if the equine spooks you can be drug in the stir up.  I planned ahead and trained my equine to have a strong foundation for riding, I train using verbal words along with physical cues.

If you do your ground work and make your foundation solid no bit is required to ride a horse.  The bit is really bad for beginner riders as we humans should never ever pull on the mouth when riding.  Like a musical instrument the bit is to be used lightly.  Miss Lily did neck reining for the first time with me on her as I have not been able to ride for over three years.  I teach all of this stuff on the ground as preparation is safety and as you can guess I am into safety after surviving a semi-truck accident leaving me with thee large screws in my pelvis and pain each and every day.

Think about how you feel when pain is given to you?

All of my donkeys and horse understand verbal words they do not need to be hurt to learn they learn from clear communication along with consistent training techniques. A treat helps tremendously with the correct timing and the equine not demanding the treat.

It’s hard to see how unfit we both are after three years but with time I believe both my horse and me will get fit again.

A photo of me and Miss Lily weeks before the semi truck accident 2010



One day this dream will come true!

Thank you for all of your prayers, GOD heard them!  I am truly a miracle and I am grateful to Jesus for this little thing called life, it is my desire to pay it forward and help others the best I can. If you have donkey, mule or horse questions send me an e-mail at  I am free until I am strong enough to start my consulting, coaching and training business.  “I will be coaching, consulting and teaching the owner how to train the donkey, horse or mule with the end result of you becoming the Donkey Whisperer for your farm.”  


GOD in Jesus Christ name is amazing!


I See Donkeys, Mules and Horses

















































GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Donkeys Come In Two’s

Thinking About Getting A Donkey?  We purchased Miss Lily my quarter horse mare at twenty months old, a baby Mammoth donkey, and a mini donkey in 2007.  With my information technology background and project management skills I began reading, and researching everything I could get my hands on to understand the donkey.  Select Donkeys Come In Two’s to read how I learned how important it is to always have two donkeys.  When they go to the vet take the donkey buddy with them, as the donkeys will stay calmer and heal faster. LILYLICKINGRIO Horses should never be left alone either as they are a herd prey animal and they need to have another equine to feel safe, lay down and get REM sleep, play etc., It has always been my plan to get my horse Miss Lily another horse due to the semi-truck accident in 2010 this goal was put on hold.  One day she will have a horse to be with as horses need horses and donkeys need donkeys.  Lily, Rio and Rocket Man all get along well but the boys (donkeys) are very close and Lily is kinda the third wheel.  Rio will groom Lily and Lily grooms Rio like book ends they are beautiful together and will always be close no doubt. RIOLILY2012JUNESUMMER

Trail walks with the donkeys we never leave one at home all alone


Rio (9 months), Melody and Rocket Man (13) shortly after we purchased them DSCN1295

These boys bonded after Rio (9 months in photo) was weaned from his donkey mom.  Rocket Man was 13 years old when they bonded.


Two wild donkeys

Donkey3 OURBOYS2012PLAYINGriorocketman2012july Select Boys playing to watch youtube video. Can A Donkey Live Alone Without Another Donkey? Yes, of course but the donkey will not be in optimum health, will not be happy, will bray more and can get violent towards another animal species such as a goat, cow or sheep.  Why?  Well donkeys like to play tug, grab the neck of the donkey buddy and they are very intelligent much more than the horse as they can think all the time.  Donkeys get bored much faster than a horse.

boys2012summerfun GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged! Melody


Horses, Donkeys and Mules Are Helping People With Disabilities

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,


Did you know that people with disabilities are being helped each and every day by getting to spend time with an equine?

Yes, some can only help groom them, feed and pet them, talk about their problems while others can actually ride even when they can not walk due to being paralyzed.  Equine are healers, sent by Jesus Christ to help us humans navigate this thing called life.

Resources for Riding With A Disability:


“My number one inspiration is Lauren Barwick Canadian Paralympian, 4 Star Parelli Professional”

Select Riding For Gold

Select Parelli offers 30 days free on-line training

People suffering from PTSD after serving in the war, sexual abuse, assault, and trauma

Select EAGALA  – Select What is equine assisted therapy?

Select Helping Troubled Teens


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


Horses at Liberty

Savvy Design

Check out this amazing liberty video from David Lichman!

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Advocates Need Help to Stop Donkey Roping

We stopped this before we can do it again! Please re-blog and start taking action to say NO TO DONKEY ROPING. GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged! Melody

  •  Gentlemen,

    Subj: Donkey Roping Event to be held on May 25th and 26th, 2013.

    I study equine behavioral science extensively under the Parelli home study program. I have personally owned a Mammoth donkey and mini donkey along with my horse for six years now, I would like to share with you how sensitive and smart the donkey is. I am the voice for the donkey as they have no voice.

    Are you aware that donkeys are indeed smart, sensitive and a lovey equine?

    Are you aware the donkey never forgets anything and is very intelligent? Donkeys that are not abused are more like a black lab than a horse, they love their butt rubbed, hugs, kisses and kind words. Placing donkeys in this abusive and traumatic environment is abuse there is no other word for this than abuse this is not entertainment, this is abuse.

    Please consider the cry of these magnificent and highly social and intelligent donkeys to not abuse them for money. Donkeys are much different from the horse in the respect that when under deep stress they freeze and do not move. Cows will run out the shoot but donkeys freeze thus the need to use the cow shocker on them. These traumatized donkeys can have fatal consequences for a few minutes of Cowboy fun and the greed of money if they survive they will more than likely have permanent Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) and not be able to fit into the human social world ever again.

    I am respectfully asking that you stop this event and do not use donkeys for this event.


    Melody Johnson

    HEADER Parelli Natural Horsemanship the Worlds #1 horse training education progr…am featuring information, national certified equestrian trainers, clinic schedules, tours, events, books, videos, shopping, and more. SIDE-A FOOTER…

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: by Rhonda and Laura Stock from Donkeys Deserve Dignity

Donkey roping is a cruel and completely unnecessary “sport.”

It has come to our attention via the poster shown that a donkey roping event is scheduled for May 25 and 26 in Welch, OK. We stopped ropings in Eden, TX and Van Horne, TX last year. Please send letters and call to get this one stopped too!

The information below will help you in writing an informed letter, and contact names and information are listed. Please keep your messages respectful as it will do a much better job of reaching people (in spite of how angry this makes us all).


Casey Round 918 520 5208 (email: and Facebook:

Dan Conway 806 339 5328 (Facebook:

Brad Ingram 918 244 3732 (Facebook:

Guthrie Murray 918 533 6926

Note that the website is not…

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