Update all donkeys are safe. Thank you.

It has come to Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue’s attention that there are 18 donkeys in a kill pen in Texas that only have a few hours to be saved, or they will be going to slaughter. I’m not posting pictures as I know it can be disturbing to many. In a group effort, rescues, quarantine operators and transporters are trying to get these donkeys safe and vetted. They will be quarantined and rehomed locally in Texas. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to save their lives.

Please make donations via PayPal on our website Select TURNINGPOINT DONKEY RESCUE Time is of the essence.

The immediate need is $225 each to get them safe. Then less immediate but just as important funds for vetting, farrier, and feeding. Please join the team and donate if you can and/or at least share and ask friends and family to help. Thank you so much.


Mike The Donkey Smiles

GOD Must Have Needed One More Donkey In Heaven – Goodbye Sweet Galopin


The Virtual Donkey Whisperer Farm website and blog was launched in January of 2010 a dream GOD had placed on my heart to share free information to  help our worlds most precious and fragile equine the donkeys, mules and horses but most importantly our relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  I can do nothing without GOD in Jesus Christ precious name, nothing.

I share stories of life on the Donkey Whisperer Farm with you the reader for free.  I provide free help for the equine as my health permits and I share professional trainers sites, health, emotional and mental information for you the owner to be the best you can be for your equine.  If you have been following my blog you understand how important it is to me to share information for free to help people make the best informative decision to keep their beloved equine in optimum health.  I believe each of us humans can be a human angel to make our world a better place but first we must step out of our safe little shell and trust GOD for all things.

Sharing free information on the Donkey Whisperer Farm website, twitter, youtube and this blog has been a good thing as it keeps me connected to our most precious world, I have been able to travel to France, Australia, Africa and all over the world without leaving my living room.    I continue to pray the information I have provided has helped a few owners provide a great life for their equine and the lucky human who wants to be part of the equines life.

Galopin a standard Jack (stallion) from France (photo above) touched my heart deeply I am very sad to report he died during the gelding process a few weeks ago.  I have not been able to write about this as well my emotions were bouncing all over the place.  I have spent many hours in prayer for the owners of Galopin as they loved him so very much, they did everything they could do to give this beautiful young donkey a great life.  Death comes to all of us and only GOD knows the date and time.  GOD must have decided he needed one more standard donkey in heaven as Galopin died from the gelding process.  Please pray for Galopins human family, pray for peace and joy to come back into their home.

Warning for gelding donkeys:

Donkeys can have reactions to medications, donkeys can bleed to death after being gelded and well Donkeys are not horses, Donkeys are donkeys. Donkeys can have heart problems, liver problems on-and-on you get the picture and well we can not know when it is the last day to be with our human loved one or our four-legged animal. The bible says the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, each day is indeed fragile and precious in the navigation of this thing called life.  Please remember I am not a vet nor am I am vet assistant I have never ever had to geld a donkey our donkeys came gelded when we purchased them I share free information to help you the owner make the best decision for your donkey or mule.

Looking for more detailed questions and answers for Donkeys?

Select Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue for more information.


When I am pressed on every side by troubles, I am not crushed and broken.  When I am perplexed because I don’t know why things happen as they do I don’t give up and quit. 2 CORINTHIANS 4:8 (TLB)

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!