Homemade Tomato soup

I love home made soup in the fall and winter. How about you?


Hello Autumn!

As I was growing up, this was the glorious time for harvest.  I can almost smell the piping hot chestnuts in the barbecue; delicious heartwarming soups; stews; roast dinners and home made cakes with custard.

Sometimes a good memory is worth more than gold!

Now that I have a family of my own, I prefer a good night in. I make sure the house is cleaned top to bottom, sorted the laundry, and then quickly pop to the supermarket for fruit and vegetables before the crazy school rounds.

Over the years we’ve started our own ‘Pedro’ traditions, and every Friday we make time for a stress free movie-night in.  Most times the kids ask for homemade pizzas, but as days become shorter and dark at 5pm (meaning they can no longer see themselves play football outside,  trust me they can play for hours on end.) They are more…

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