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Got Snow?


Here are a few photos of our farm after GOD blanketed everything with the bright beautiful snow.  Beautiful from the warmth of my snuggly living room with the fire going and a warm cup of hot coco in hand. 

I have learned to be very cautious in the cold and damp as my body is very sensitive to the cold and damp creating pain and suffering.

I find my self frustrated as before the metal was installed in my pelvis I loved the snow, loved to play in it, snow ski, snow shoe and just slide down the hill with the kids not any more my body acts like I am 100 years old in the cold and damp.  I simply can not stay out in it very long no matter how many layers of clothes I put on as the nerves are all connected in the body.  For those of you reading my blog living in weather below zero I hope you don’t have hardware in your body. 

We blanketed Lily and Rocket Man this winter during our snow storm so happy it is over.  Blankets must be checked for dampness I know they say waterproof but I have yet to find anything that can withstand the rain we get in Washington.  Our living room had blankets drying all week by the stove and the smell of air fresheners ahh winter.  Blanketing is a controversal subject in the equine world as some people think never and some think always.  I happen to think it takes common sense each equine is unique and if the rain/cold is making them shiver you must blanket and change the blanket daily in the wet and cold.  Most importantly make sure the equine has clean hay and fresh water.

We are very grateful to GOD for the favor we received as we moved through the snow and ice storm. We are praying for an early spring and a nice warm summer.

Today is a beautiful day in the mid 50’s the farm is glistening with the sun touching the trees with thick moss, Washington State is truly a beautiful place to live.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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A Few Of My Favorite Memories

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I continue to move forward working hard to build my core muscles again and keep my upper body strong I try to avoid back spasms.  GOD is great and I am forever a changed person. I am most grateful for my husband Scott of almost nineteen years as he has endured the most difficult of all jobs helping me survive after a semi truck accident.  I can honestly say I was not a perfect patient especially when sleep deprived and suffering with massive amounts of pain. 

Hay is up and ready for winter, we are being told Washington will be having another hard cold and snowy winter, we are praying for a mild winter.  The long screws; surgically installed hip bone to hip bone (two in the top Ilium) and one down my right leg cause me great pain and suffering in the cold and have left me with some nerve damage.  If you have any tips on how to live with metal in your body in the cold please leave a comment to help me.  Thank you!

I am grateful for all of my friends that have stayed close to me and my precious family.  My husband Scott is my best friend and he has endured some serious hard times helping me learn how to walk again and survive on very little sleep due to insane pain.  I am forever grateful for his commitment and time to help me heal from the almost life threatening motor vehicle accident. My massage therapist is a human angel and I am forever grateful to her as she helps me be able to keep walking and moving forward.  If you know someone suffering from serious physical trauma be sure to help them with massage therapy as keeping the tissue moving and blood circulating is one of the keys to healing.

I look forward to the day my spinal cord, back and core muscles are strong enough for me to swing my leg up over my horse and mammoth donkey again.  I will never give up, never quit believing and never stop dreaming as that is what we were created to do.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


The A to Z of Coping with a Disability

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The A to Z of Coping with a Disability

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The A to Z of Coping with a Disability by Marcia K. Harris

A. Acknowledge the change in your life,

B. Build a support network.

C. Cry if and when you need to.

D. Don’t give up…there is life after trauma.

E. Express your feelings, buried pain is still pain.

F. Friendship is a two-way street; don’t forget you still have something to give.

G. Grieving is a normal part of any loss.

H. Helpless you are not; do as much for yourself as you can, even if it’s limited to telling someone else know YOU

want something done.   Don’t “give away” all of your power.

I. Invite people to visit you if you can’t get out, to see them.

J. Join a support group…it’s a great way to meet new people.

K. Know your limitations…don’t push anything too far, you’ll pay later,

L. Learn how to take care of yourself to the fullest extent possible.  Keep as much control of what happens to you

as you can.

M. Mental health is important too…if you need help – get it.

N. Nurture yourself; taking care of yourself and your needs is nothing to be ashamed of.

O. Open your mind to new/different ways of doing things.  Different isn’t bad, it’s just different.

P. Prioritize your goals…keep attainable ones first…build for success.

Q. Quality of life is an individual choice…don’t let other people define what that means for you,

R. Remember who you are is not defined by what your body does or does not do.

S. Survive…do whatever it takes to make it through the struggle.

T. Try new things…what you can do may surprise you.

U. Use your mind…you are probably the one who knows the best way to adapt the things you need to adapt.

V. Victims are helpless, hopeless and pitiable.  Don’t be a victim.

W. Watch your attitude…it’s contagious!

X. “X-actly” who you are now depends upon who you were “before”, and what you do with what you have left.

Y. You are still a person worthy of dignity and respect.

Z. Zeal for living is an admirable trait in anyone; pursue all that life has to offer you!

I am an authority in surviving and thriving after catastrophe because I’ve done it.  I’m a survivor of a severe brain stem injury & I continue to do what I must in order to take my place in the mainstream.  In order to accomplish all that I want, I need to pace myself, enlist support in areas where I feel I need assistance & capitalize on my strengths.  I’m an individual who has strong auditory and communication skills, but that wasn’t al … Read More

via “Moving On” Disability Life Coaching

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