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FOR SALE Donkey Rope Halter/Lead Lines, Brass Snap, Leather End

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

I am excited to share we are now selling custom hand-made to fit for the Mini, Standard and Mammoth Donkey Rope Halters!

Have you ever tried to find a halter to fit your donkey?


Want to order your custom hand-made in the USA rope halter, lead line, brass snap leather end?

Select Our Store to order your rope halter.

standard rope halter

Notice how well the halter fits, with the beautiful yacht rope and a brass snap. This is quality at an affordable price, each is handmade by a contractor I hired in the United States Of America. Wash in a bucket of warm soap water. Never molds.


Why Do I Train With A Rope Halter?

Have you ever seen a dog dragging a human down the beach with a harness on? This is what a flat halter does for training it does not train. Most people add a chain under the chin as they have no control with the flat halter. My halter fit’s your donkey and will help you train your donkey faster.

This halter does not fit Rio correctly, my new halter will it is on its way! Will share as soon as I receive it. :)


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC









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This Horse Is Amazing!

I train you the owner to train your donkey, mule and horse. I have rehabilitated horses, donkeys and mules who have been seriously abused by humans. Abuse creates anger, anger creates a dangerous equine. This horse has been trained the right way as he/she is free to do whatever he/she chooses. Love this stuff!


If you have a problem donkey, horse or mule, give me a try! I am the real deal read my testimonials I train you from the comfort of your home.



GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC



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The Horse and The Mammoth Donkey Grow Up


We moved to our new farm and final destination in Sequim, WA on June 1st, 2014. Miss Lily lives with Miss Trophy our horse in training. Rio lives with two rescue donkeys no paper work Oboe and Tuba and Rocket Man lives with two new minis named Maximus and Roy.

Still Rio loves to go see Miss Lily at the fence and in the barn every chance he get’s and I let them graze together every now and again. I have learned the horse prefers the horse to live with and the donkey the donkey. All are different but she really loves her new horse.

Need help with setting up your farm, diet, hoof care, purchasing ideas, donkeys, mules or horse?

This is what I do for a living, I am a virtual worldwide consultant, trainer and coach to you the owner. I train you to train your donkey.


Rio age 8 and Melody riding on the new farm summer of 2014, no bit, no spurs


Rio the Mammoth donkey age one, Miss Lily, quarter horse age two


Rio age 2 going for a hike with hubby Scott

ScottandRio (9)

Miss Lily age four, Rio the Mammoth donkey age three

015 (5)

Miss Lily age seven, Rio the Mammoth donkey age six


Miss Lily 5, Rio is 4 here (not old enough to ride yet)


Rio age 6, Miss Lily age 7


Miss Lily age 8, Rio age 7


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, owner of Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC


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Happy Mother’s Day/Birthday To Me! I’m turning 55

Happy mothers day






In honor of my 55th birthday upcoming on Mother’s day May 10th, I am offering buy 10 lessons and get two free lessons. If you purchase the 10 lesson package deal I will add 2 free hours of my time. Must purchase by no later than the end of the day on May 10th, 2015. Here is our store for virtual coaching.

I have to pay KeyBank to manage all credit cards for no fraud worldwide. You are paying less than $40.00 per lesson, not including the keybank cost. This is a really good deal, and you can bank you lessons use, when you want to around my schedule per other students.

We have 1 mammoth donkey, 3 mini donkeys, 2 rescue standard size donkeys and 2 horses mares athletic, 8 is enough.
 Select OUR STORE to sign up for lessons.




GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Donkey Whisperer Farm, Camping, Taking A Nap and Play (Training is fun)




royhappyage42014summerFeatured Image -- 29462












Maximuspinchipssept2014 royboy2014decnewtofarmage4 trophy2015april21Rocketmamcloseupcarrotsage202013420140711_172605trophy2015april21




Never feed candy to equine, safe treat is a bite of carrot or a bite of green apple.

boys smelling licorice




GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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Buy a $5.00 Bracelet Help A Donkey In Need

Select Purchase a Donkey Bracelet Silver plate bracelet with a wonderful donkey charm. We have 25 of these available at $5.00 each. If you would like to purchase, please post with how many you would like and we will contact you. Select Contact us to order today.

donkey bracelet


Need help training, caring (setting up your farm) for a happy healthy donkey?

I am a worldwide virtual coach, consultant and trainer of you the owner to learn how to teach your donkey to be a social good citizen on your farm. Picking up the foot, taking a walk, coming to you when called, loading in the trailer and backing out. I create a custom coaching plan based on your experience and goals for your donkey.



Rio the mammoth donkey and Melody bitless riding

Rio the mammoth donkey and Melody bitless riding


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Did You Know Animals Have Personalities Introverted and Exroverted?

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC


I am now accepting students on your farm in the Sequim area as our farm is not completed yet, a work in progress. After we build our last home I will have classes here in Sequim, WA and virtual coaching will no longer be part of my business. I am working on an educational book and saving money to create an education DVD for sale in the future. 

Select OUR STORE to sign up for one lesson, five or ten. I pay Key Bank to manage all credit cards I never keep any credit cards on  hand ever. All lessons are banked and you can use whenever you have time. Most students meet with me once a week and spend fifteen minutes a day at least 3 times a week doing my homework. I train the owner of equine to train the equine via Skype, your videos and some of mine anywhere in the world. I do not train your equine I train you to train after I create a plan based on your needs and concerns and both of your personalities. My written homework brings instant results.

If you have been following my blog you know I am an extrovert (I can go introverted for short periods of time) I am married to my best friend Scott of twenty-two years, my beloved husband and guess what he is an introvert. This is actually proven to be normal for humans to choose the opposite personality of what they are as we crave what the other partner has, the opposite of what we do not have. I am by all means an optimist, creative and an innovator, I am most excited when I am working on a new project. I dream big and I love to share with others how to set goals and make their dreams come true. For me to be able to think, plan and become creative I crave quite. I need time to pray, and think with no distractions. Like some people I can’t create anything with too many distractions i.e., the television, I crave total quiet. After I have finished what is in my head the creativity and dreams, gifts GOD In Jesus Christ name has given me I crave human interaction too. I enjoy meeting new people who are like-minded, positive and have goals in their lives, as we will never be in this exact moment again. Every day we grow a day older at fifty-five I know I am half way done with my course in life.

Select Introverts and Extroverted Humans


I am passionate about helping owners of donkeys, horses and mules train their own equine and never send off to a trainer, after all you will be the person feeding, doing the hooves.  If an abscess forms in the hoof you will be creating your own hoof poultice and iodine wrap, caring for the equine not the trainer. I teach you the owner how to have a plan to stay safe and be a leader 100% of the time. 

The Donkey, Horse and Mule did not choose you to come to your farm in most cases not all cases.

If you have the sixth sense like the equine have naturally and you understand animals your plan is to let the equine choose you! Sadly most people want what they want and do not care if the equine likes them or not. This causes big problems down the road as the equine has emotions, too.


Why Does The Personality between you and your new horse, donkey or mule matter?

Depending on the goals you are setting for your donkey horse or mule you need to understand that an extroverted donkey, horse or mule is going to excel at leadership, learning new things and leading this includes you if you are an introvert. You can learn to lead as an introvert but it will take some work. An extrovert will love leading on the trail rides, going to shows in most cases if not abused and burned out to show off. The introvert will not want change and will go for a trail ride as long as they can follow the extrovert equine down the trail and forget about asking the introvert to jump and do agility work with the mini and standard size donkey and ponies. Do you see why it is smart to learn all the facts before opening your wallet to purchase any equine?


Next we must think about what are the goals for our new horse, donkey or mule?


Have a plan before purchasing your new donkey, horse or mule

it is imperative you not only let the equine choose you and trust you but also know the personality and spirit level and make sure your new equine is 100% sound (vet check for health and conformation) to ensure your new equine can physically do the work you require them to do and is of the age, physically, mentally ready.

Example if you find the perfect horse, pony, mini donkey, standard donkey or Mammoth donkey to ride as your jumping equine and show equine it is imperative you select an a strong athlete who is healthy and an extrovert.  No more than 20% of the weight of the donkey for riding including the saddle.


Introverts do not enjoy jumping, large crowds or anything new just like introverted humans prefer to stay home and read a book or watch a computer.  

“When I selected my horses and donkeys I can honestly tell you out of the eight we own, one did not choose me and after nine months he still has not. He trusts my husband but not me. His name is Maximus and I am giving him the time it takes to trust me as his previous trainer was a woman and sometimes donkeys, horses and mules.”


I am now accepting new worldwide virtual students to train.

Interested in learning how to train your horse, donkey or mule to catch you and take off the halter?

Would you like to learn how to load in the trailer and back out safely?

Learn how to stand and not move their feet for the trimmer?

Learn how to send into the pasture and have your horse, donkey or mule turn around and face you lower head to take off the halter?

Make a hoof boot for an abscess?

Diet, farm plan creation to make your life easier?

Which equine is the best fit for your skill level, goals and personality?

Take the temperature of your donkey,  horse or mule?

Saddle fitting?

How to Compost every day and use in your food production and hay fields?


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!






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