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Elephants Are Beautiful

“Let us remember that animals are not mere resources for human consumption. They are splendid beings in their own right, who have evolved alongside us as co-inheritors of all the beauty and abundance of life on this planet.”  …~Quote by Dr. Marc Bekoff~ Ph.D., Professor emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Another breathtaking moment from photographer Billy Dodson.  Thank you, Billy for your beautiful and uplifting images!
EA Site Sumatran elephant calf and its mother
Visit Artists For Elephants – Enjoy!
All photos and written material created by the Elephant Advocacy site. 

Elephant Advocacy – we love elephants and we can’t imagine a world without them

Re-blogged from Elephant Advocacy

Please Join the Campaign!

 “At the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust we love elephants and we can’t imagine a world without them.”
But if we don’t all come together to stand up for elephants and add our voice to those fighting against the ivory trade, the African elephant species could be lost forever.  As long as there is a market for ivory elephants will be cruelly killed for their teeth. We want everyone who loves elephants to Say No to Ivory and stand up for elephants.  The DSWT “iWorry” campaign aims to raise awareness of the urgent need to stop all trade in ivory internationally, in order to protect  the future of elephants”.
The DSWT iWorry campaign was launched Friday, September 28, 2012 six months ahead of the next meeting of CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) which will take place in Bangkok in March 2013. Please add your voice by signing the world-wide petition and writing to your country’s representative(s) to CITES to vote against any movement to allow the legal sale of ivory stockpiles at any time!
Please go to for all information.  Read, stay updated, sign the petition, write to your country’s CITES representative(s) and help save Africa’s elephants!
Thank you for reading the Donkey Whisperer Farm blog, thank you for taking 15 seconds to sign this petition, thank you for re-blogging on your blog and social media sites.
GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


You Did It!!!!


“From “for the love of donkeys FB” page:

****YOU DID IT!****

The donkey roping competition on June 23 has been cancelled because of public input and the number of complaints received.

Congratulations, everyone!

For the love of donkeys, thank you all for being a part of stopping this.
I have personally spoken to the sheriff’s office in Culbertson County, Texas, at 12:50 p.m. Mountain time today. According to the dispatcher I spoke to (Badge #361), Sheriff Carrillo says the donkey roping event on June 23 has been cancelled because of public input and the number of complaints received. We did it!”Let’s keep pushing for these donkeys to get away from their owner.


From the Petition Update link


CANCELLED?! Continued from below update

from continued………….I also pointed out that there are photos and video (now password blocked) on clearing showing
donkeys being roped in Van Horn last July 2011.

I view this as a victory, partially. We need to get these donkeys to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, we need a confirmation and promise from Jason Owen that he will not participate in any other donkey roping event EVER, meaning by purchasing donkeys for or promoting donkeys in a roping event.

Next we need this to stop all over Texas, and any other states that allows it. We need to pressure the law enforcement of Texas to actually enforce statue 42.09


Posted By Diana reesePetition Organizer

June 19, 2012

I’m Not Afraid To Say I Don’t Know


Our fragile world needs more people to be humble and use these gifts from GOD;

I’m Not Afraid To Say I Don’t Know

 I’m Not afraid to say I made a mistake

I’m not afraid to say I will research and get back to you 

GOD created us to be humans that never settle, work hard, have faith and trust GOD for everything; life is much easier when we let GOD nudge us along.  Feels like walking in the dark, GOD is sending us in the direction he wants us to go.  Why?  GOD has a better plan than we do as he created us.  

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


The Shortest Day Of The Year


December 21st, 2011 is the shortest day of the year, see Komo News for more information.  After December 21st each day will have a few more seconds of light and before we blink it will be spring again in the Pacific Northwest, Washington. 

Since this is the world-wide web I thought it would be interesting to see how these days change all over the world.  Consider leaving a comment with the shortest day of the year where you live.   

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


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