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Relax, Focus and Enjoy Your Life



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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

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Why Horses, Help PTSD, Depression, Anxiety


Did you know donkeys, horses and mules can help us humans move into the present and not live in the past? Check out the The Equine Assisted Growth and Learning  for more details. 

Did you know horses are helping our solders with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Check out this video Dare To Live 

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



This Is What It Feels Like


If you’re having a hard day, week, month or year try to look outside yourself and see how others live as most people have it harder in life than we do! 

Here is a song I just found that describes what I am saying “This Is What It Feels Like To Be Held” Enjoy.

When life starts to get me depressed I cry tears it’s good to cry as tears are healing, GOD created us to cry as a way to release and cleanse.  I cry wipe my tears, blow my nose and move forward, get up in my mind and never give up.  I talk to GOD, pray, read Psalms in the bible or whatever verse GOD sends me to. 

I am very careful to scan what comes into my mind, ears and eyes selecting what I read, watch on t.v. and view on the internet.  I listen to Christian radio as I need to hear positive affirmations I do not want any negative information as the mind is the battlefield and we must be careful what we are absorbing. 

How To Get Your Mind Off Your Problems:


Read the bible

Write down all your blessings

Get some physical exercise – If you can’t exercise due to poor health go to the pool and float

Surf the net for inspirational blogs, video and photos here is a couple inspirational videos: 

Everything Rides On hope

Amberley Snider – Overcoming obstacles

If the semi truck accident had not happened I seriously doubt I would have become the in-depth blogger I am today.  Yes I wanted to share our relationship with Jesus Christ and all the blessings GOD has given us.  Sharing the pain and suffering to help others while it is raw and real created the blog/posts you read today. 

Blogging has been very healing for me as I have so much spare time on my hands.  Everything rides on hope I call it faith in Jesus Christ I just can’t imagine how I could have managed all the pain and suffering without God holding my right hand and my husband strength, love and support.  I am so very grateful to have my GOD sent husband he is indeed my very best human friend.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!




When Life Throws Storms Our Way


When life throws storms our way it feels like we are all alone in this great big world, it feels overwhelming, as children of Jesus Christ we are never alone.  Here is another YouTube serenity prayer turn up your volume and trust GOD to restore everything stolen above and beyond your wildest dreams.  Nothing is too big for GOD in Jesus Christ precious name.

GOD explains over and over in the bible that first we must believe have faith that GOD can fix our problems.  From the very beginning of the catastrophic motor vehicle accident a “semi truck smashing into my body as I was riding as a passenger” I reminded GOD that I am his child and if he can heal others why not me? 

GOD in Jesus Christ precious name created each one of us.  I do not think he is offended by our personalities as he knows what we will do long before we do it. Freedom comes from surrender and trusting GOD to direct us the way he wants us to go. 

Freedom, faith, favor, angels, healing, miracles these come from GOD when we pray outloud to GOD – the bible says “GOD listens when two or more of his children pray”, make sure you are connected to other believers to pray with you.  Please remember when trauma hits or any kind of anxiety to pray first, call the prayer line and pray with a prayer warrior over the phone. GOD is amazing! 

GOD continues to amaze me with his grace and power to heal my broken body, mind and emotions.  I am forever changed and will never be the person I was before the semi truck smashed int the side of my GOD mothers little truck.  I work very hard to stay grateful for all of our blessings, keep my  head looking up to GOD for better days are ahead and never forget that this time shall pass, one day it will be a story to talk about not the life I must live.

Living with chronic pain and suffering is really difficult as it changes the happy person we were before the pain.  Get the support you need to smile again and stop the pain in its tracks. Here is the free prayer line amazing prayer warriors work here, I know as I have called many times when suffering with insaine amounts of pain.

Here is a few inspirational quotes by Rick Warren, enjoy!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!



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